Translation help - Noragami Season 1, Episode 12

There’s a scene where one of the characters says:


You can hear it here at about the 0:50 mark: Yato Vs Rabo - Noragami S1 - YouTube

My confusion is with ニヤケ面. I’m pretty sure 面 is つら translated as face, but what does the ニヤケ part mean?

I couldn’t really find a translation for it.

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I don’t know how to explain it, but it is a description of how a face looks. Just search Google にやけづら and see the images for your self
I think ‘grin’ is the best translation though

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Oh yeah, if you just want the meaning of the にやけ part, it’s from the verb にやける.
Jisho translate it as: to break into a smile

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Ah, perfect, that’s exactly the bit I was looking for. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Does it have anything to do with homosexuality? That’s what I see on rikaikun

edit: looks like it’s both, but “to smile” doesn’t show up on rikaikun

One of the definitions on Jisho is “effeminate” so I think there’s a play on words going here

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