Hi, again, more help requested for neko atsume

So I have this wonderful sentence here, "商品は画面を左右にスライドさせるとページが恋わります”
Context: I am in the shop in the game for the first time, and it is giving me instructions on what I can do and how to do it

Question: 恋わります, I am not sure if this is one word or two, and if two, what does わります mean on it’s own, and what do the two together mean?

Thank you in advance

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I think you mean 変わります, which is 変わる (to change) conjugated to the masu-form.


Ah, thank you, I was trying to search for it as 恋る, which got me no results, or it might have been something else, as in what I was searching

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Also, would a good translation for this be “You can slide left and right on the screen to change the goods you see on the page” …?

Yep, that seems like a fine translation for it.

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Just to make sure, you see that they are different kanji, right?


Yeah that makes mores sense now, I think I looked at the original the first time, but then ended up finding another similar one and started looking it up for that kanji

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