Translation doubts

So, I saw this hoodie:

I’m in doubt about what is written. The upper text I guess its へっぽこ ? But i’m not sure it makes sense

And about what the dog is saying it’s 柴, referring to 柴犬, right?


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へっぽこ柴 seems to be correct. I found this after a bit of searching on google.

It seems the person who took the picture encountered it on a T-shirt during their trip to Taiwan. They put it down as へっぽこ and mention that they initially misread it as くっぽこ (which I can’t find in a dictionary, so probably not a word). They don’t seem to elaborate on it beyond it being a strange T-shirt and I didn’t find anything else to explain it. It might just mean useless (but cute) Shiba, or へっぽこ could have implications I’m not aware of yet.


The teacher who sits next to me is obsessed with Shiba inu (she has 5), so I’ll ask her what she thinks later.

EDIT: Oh, and I just noticed one of the hashtags is “変な日本語のtシャツ” so I think it’s safe to say it’s not something a Japanese person would think of.

EDIT2: I asked her, and she did think it was cute, and she agreed with the general thoughts of that person who posted the picture.


It’s probably a literal translation from something (in Chinese in this case) that just doesn’t work in the target language (Japanese).


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