Translation doesn't match the definition

I opened a thread like this previously, but I just wanted to share photographic proof that sometimes wanikani is out to fry our brains. The definition is “mystery bag, or mystery sack” but the contextual translation is lucky bag, which is also the most common translation you will see if you actually in Japan during lucky bag season. And now I am going to have to learn the less intuitive definition, wait for it to appear in my reviews, add the better definition, and then review it again before I can fix this.


There are worse examples, more than just Mystery bag<->Lucky bag, but different things altogether. I have forgotten where I found it, though.

It may be an effect of computerized automation of a premade database…

There are definitely worse ones! I really want people to compile all of them together.

That’s kind of funny, seeing as how it’s formed with the kanji for “lucky” and “sack.”
I know I’ve seen at least one other example like this (才人- until it was removed just today. 才 (genius) + 人 (person) = genius? NOPE. Talented person. Psh, and there’s the bit about remembering じん or にん…)


Yeah, it would be nice to see a list of them. (Although I’ve been sort of distracted from WK since I’ve been having fun with learning the stroke orders and consequently more definitions on jisho!)

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Wait… wait… photographic proof… let me take a screenshot…


Why not go to the item page and add the synonym now?福袋

Probably I’m missing the obvious, but how do you add a synonym from that page? It would be super helpful.

Under “alternative meanings” there is “User synonyms” → “Add user synonym”

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This is the kind of “not matching” that I think is not a big deal at all. The fact that they used slightly different words that mean roughly the same thing is fine to me.

The problem I have is stuff like 水泡, where the context sentence uses an idiomatic phrasal verb that just happens to include that word. That is a completely unhelpful context sentence.

But this, it doesn’t obscure the meaning at all.

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Did you find it?

I think that option doesn’t appear for me as I’m not up to that level yet!

Yeah, it seems like the core reason for why synonyms can’t be added during lessons is that you can’t add synonyms to things that aren’t at least in apprentice yet.

I don’t know why they care when you add a synonym, but whatever.

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Leebo is correct. You can only add a synonym if you’ve done the lesson.

The not matching thing isn’t a big deal in terms of understanding. The issue is that months down the road, when this thing reappears, there is a high chance that I will have retained the more intuitive translation of the word, rather than the version of the word that wanikani wanted me to remember. I want my burns, dammit!

I can’t. :frowning: As other people have pointed out, you can only add alternative definitions until AFTER it has gone through your reviews at least one.

I thought of this when I wrote it. But I wanted to say “photographic proof,” and I don’t really care about the difference between image and photo. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood from work today, but I felt a little ruffled when I saw this.

I was able to do this after just doing the lesson… odd…
At least I’m 97% sure I was able to.

I just did some of the stuff that was added the other day, as I hadn’t had time yet, and I can add a synonym right now after just doing the lessons, so I think the option should be there. :woman_shrugging:

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Sweet. Thanks for checking on that for me.

I actually think you’re right. I think what happened with Lucky Bag is that I didn’t actually finish the review. Thanks for double checking for me!