Alternative meaning for kanji & vocabulary

Hi, I think I read about the possibility to enter another meaning for kanji & vocabs in the note field during learning lesson, and coupled with that the chance to input the same meaning during review and have that considered as a correct answer.
Of course I can input the other meaning in note field, but looks like it’s not possible to make wanikani consider my meanings as correct.

Did I understand well?

Anyway this could be usefull for non-english users who would enter a meaning or mnemonics in their own language.

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There is an “add synonym” button. You click that and add what you want as a correct meaning. Once you’ve done that, WK will accept it as correct during reviews.

The link @polv provided will allow you to add synonyms during lessons as well, as that’s not a feature of “original” WaniKani.

The note field is just for that, notes. You can write your own mnemonics and whatnot

Thanks a lot for your answers, now it’s clear :slight_smile:

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