Share your leeches!

What are the vocab words you just keep missing every time they get into Guru? Or the kanji you still have trouble telling apart, even months after you first saw them? Share them here, and maybe someone else will have a tip on how they remembered them!

For me, it’s 結, 絡, and 経 (plus sometimes 続 if I get distracted). They show up only a few levels apart, they all look similar (糸 radical on the left + a two-part vertically-oriented radical on the right), and many have similar but SLIGHTLY different meanings/readings. Weirdly enough I can typically get the readings right when I see them in a jukugo vocab word, but when the kanji itself shows up I have like a 1/3 success rate.

How about you?

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Definitely been mixing the first two of those a couple of times. As you say, a bit close in levels. I’m trying to recall 結構けっこう and 連絡れんらく each time I see the individual kanji.

For whatever reason つとめる has been a bit leachy.

六穴 almost cost me a burn.