Too many reviews ^^;

I have around 700 right now. I took about 4-6 months off because university was just too overwhelming. I am in the last year of university and i have a little more time to practice so i am knocking out about 50-100 reviews a day. Some of them are slowly being burned but there are about half of those where i just can’t remember the exact meaning. For example ill write “decide” for “decision” etc. So i get the meaning just not the exact word. I really would like to move to the next level but i don’t feel comfortable having this many reviews. Any ideas or methords that might help?


I like to make use of the “add synonym” feature if I find I’m getting the word mostly right. It doesn’t help immediately, because the word still gets counted as wrong, but it might help over time


I have a similar issue. best advice is just to keep at it. As a last ditch thing, i believe you could enter and exit “vacation” mode and it should reshuffle your reviews into something more manageable but might reset some new items. might be worth a try if its hard to pull yourself out of this hole.


FWIW, I had a business trip coupled with some personal travel that kept me mostly away for about 11 days. I came back to 815 outstanding reviews.

I did 168 reviews after getting back on Thursday (Thanksgiving), 223 Friday, and 208 today. I’m currently down to 479 outstanding reviews (I’d normally have ~130 to ~200 on any given day).

I’d lay off of lessons until you’ve got your reviews down to the number you can comfortably handle daily. It’s generally best to get your outstanding reviews down to zero at least once every single day.

IMO, it’s not worth worrying about leveling up until you’ve got your review queue down much further. With a steady pace it should only take a few days or weeks (which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things).

As long as you’re able to answer most questions correctly, you’ll get there eventually. I’m currently answering roughly 85% of the questions (and 65% of the meaning/reading pairs) correctly at a pace of 200 per day and making steady progress.

Keep an eye on the review forecast of your dashboard. Do enough lessons each day to ensure the number outstanding is lower tomorrow.

Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t try to knock out some outrageous number on any given day, because most of that number will just come back to haunt you some day(s) in the future.

I can comfortably do 200 reviews/day (as long as it eventually gets down to the 130-160 range) so I’m trying not to do more than 200 or so on any given day.

Good luck!



Temporary stop doing new material and just do reviews only. This will lower the overall reviews you get long term. Once you feel comfortable you can start going forward again.

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If you completely quit out (as in, close the browser), it won’t actually count as being incorrect! It’ll only update once you get the little pop-up about the SRS-ranking going up or down.
I like to “abuse” this if I wrote something that I’d consider a synonym, or, more frequently, if I made a typo (EG: writing おとこのき instead of おとこのこ for 男の子).


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go fast, but personally, I prefer to think of typos and such as an opportunity for an easy review in the future.

What’s an extra review or two before burning an item in the grand scheme of things?

Personally, I dislike burning an item that I don’t really have down more than I dislike a few “unnecessary” reviews for things I find easy.


OH NO :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:
a month ago, I took a break from WK for a while, and when I came back, i had 978 reviews
i did them all at once.
well im obviously screwed when they all come back bloodthirsty for burning and enlightment :face_holding_back_tears:


Lol. Well, you did it once …

One suggestion (so you at least aren’t caught unprepared when a dreaded day arrives):

Install the Ultimate Timeline userscript.

Then configure it as follows to show the next 120 days broken out by SRS stage:

Mine currently looks as follows (I’m down to 256 outstanding reviews after my peak of 815):

(I’ve got the Breeze Dark theme installed.)


Thanks so much! Now at least I won’t drop dead in shock when they come :')
But really, thank you!

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Note that they won’t all arrive on the same day, of course. Just all the items in the same SRS stage that you answered correctly will arrive on the same day in the future (up to 120 days in the future).

You’re over the biggest hump, but may still have a bit of lumpiness in your future (the ultimate timeline will show it for you). I’d actually be interested in seeing yours. Hovering over any given day will show you what’s due that day.


Ohh that makes sense, thanks for clearing that up

My computer decided that it didn’t want to work with TamperMonkey today :frowning:
I’ll take a screenshot when I can and I’ll upload it here soon, thanks!
(I just have to remind myself quickly before I forget)

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I decided to just work on doing 100-200 a day depending on how I feel. I think adding a few more once i only have 100 in apprentice is probably best for me. Hopefully I can get them down to a reasonable level soon and push for new kanji by the end of January. I want to cover as many of the N4 kanji as possible by next December as im planning on taking JLPT in 2023.

Thanks for all advice!


Good luck with everything! You got this!

im saying this even though i didn’t help at all sorry… >.<

I’d expect you to get the queue down before then.

As long as the Review Forecast continues to show fewer outstanding tomorrow than you had today, you’ll be fine (any progress is good progress).

FWIW, I’ve been doing ~200/day for 5 days now and got my 815 outstanding down to 256. Should be able to get it down to zero tomorrow or the day after, then I’ll be back on my normal wagon (and restarting lessons).


Thank you ^^ Got to keep at it. Planning for N3 within the next 5 years. Baby steps!


Hopefully this is motivating:

I just got my 815 outstanding reviews down to zero just now (it took just under a week of ~200/day):


And my queue isn’t too out of hand:

Which reminds me…

I think the “no more than 100 in apprentice” rule is mostly for throttling lessons, not reviews. Since you’ve already stopped doing any more lessons until the review queue is under control, I don’t think it’s as applicable.

When you’re working down a big backlog of reviews I think you’re accuracy accuracy is likely to suffer, slowing progress through the SRS stages (my accuracy sure suffered over this past week, but it’s starting to feel normal again).

You might want to relax the “100” rule a bit. Just do as many reviews as you can stomach each day (but no more than you want to see some day in the future). Keep an eye on the apprentice queue, but as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand, I think you can mostly ignore it until you start doing lessons again.

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After resetting twice (and being one level behind the furthest I got) because “too many reviews”, my main strategy to avoid a third one has been to control learning new items. I only learn new items when I’m at zero reviews,

The other thing is, as many people here said, avoid doing all the piled up ones at once. Do them at your before-piling-up speed (and don’t forget the control rule: no lessons until you get to zero reviews); you’ll eventually zero your reviews without charging a genki-dama of reviews towards your future self.

Good luck, you’ve got this!

I finally got them down to 140 a day its taken me almost a month but im finally down to something manageable. That being said I have a lot of leaches so im going to work on those for a while before moving on.

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