How do you brave 500+ reviews?

I personally split them up into 10s, so I tell myself ‘ok, so a 100 is only ten reviews times ten, and ten reviews is nothing! Now I just have to repeat that 5 times! Aight, I got this…’


That sounds like a good plan! Seems a lot less intimidating that way

When I was making a comeback from 1200+ reviews, I broke it into manageable chunks also, telling myself do as many as I can, at least 100 at a time (that’s because of the more massive review pile)

Though lately, 300-400 reviews per day has been the norm so 500 doesn’t sound bad to me right now… what’s happening to me


250 spread out over one day and 250 over tomorrow. I work better in big chunks, but 250 or so seems to be enough for me for any given day.

Is your acc sub 90? I know you are going full speed but that seems like a lot

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No, I’m usually at 90-100% accuracy overall, it’s just that the apprentice items get way up there with all the vocab lessons, I always make sure to clear them before the next level up


There’s only been one time I ever let my review pile go that high and ultimately I ended up resetting. If I ever do happen across a situation where my reviews pile up like that again, I’d probably split it into batches of 100 through the day or maybe even across several days.

Maybe it’s because I let it get to 1200 a few days ago before tackling them, but I get 300-500 daily now ;_;
Is that not normal?

Sounds like a blast lol. I’ll have enough free time to deal with it, but Im not looking forward to that many reviews a day. Hopefully I can keep sub 200 apprentice, but I doubt it.


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Not unless your a speed freak like me and MIssMisc. Try installing the reorder script and exclude the reviews from the later levels to space out the reviews better. You might say that you can handle it now, but wait a month or four months from now when those reviews without warning come back up. Suddenly, you have like two hundred plus more reviews than usual one way without even realizing it. Believe me, it’s pretty demotivating when that happens.

I actually have about that same amount right now. I checked my HouHou and it says I have about 130 reviews in the next day, mixed with the 250 or so reviews I have for WaniKani. Not to mention I’m still adding more items for today. sigh

頑張ります !

My apprentice never really went above 120ish before the fast levels, but with the max leveling it became 180s and now 200-220 has been the norm + burn reviews coming up in the midst of it all

The 300+ reviews/day persists a couple days at a time then you’re in a calm 150-200ish range again and then it can go all the way up to like 400-500 I’ve heard :eyes: it’s not as bad as it sounds, you have no choice but to get used to it!

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What the heck is a review?


I’m definitely trying to get up to speedfreak levels. There was one time I was doing my reviews when I got so sick of having so many reviews and going so slow that I just went at it like crazy and became totally zoned in, without a care in the world if I only got 50% right, just as long as I finished those reviews. I think that time I only took like 20 mins to get through 500 reviews, it was crazy. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to repeat that incident :sweat:

Well yeah, when I was doing 60 words a day over break it got pretty hectic, but that was when I had a lot of freetime. Also how the hell do you have 250 reviews on WK?

haha, true. Yeah, I’m just not looking forward to having to get back in the habit of putting even more time into japanese. I know I’ll be glad tho when Im 60 and dont have to spend another month learning new stuff on here.

Actually, I just got an idea. Which levels are the fast ones?

It should only reach that high if you are either failing a lot of reviews or the numbers have piled up so much. Thankfully, the last levels have much less vocabulary so that balances it out.

I would know, I’m crazy enough to actually get myself in that sort of jam.

How much do you have? My accuracy definitely needs a lot of work. It’s pretty bad compared to other fast levelers.

I think it may be possible to get in the 400s if you have like 90% acc.

46, 47, and then 49-60

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Might as well save myself the pain later.

Time to add some stuff to houhou.

And 26, for those who are listening.

You sort of have to do that in the level 50+s anyways. A lot of stuff like 疎ましい and 奉る uses kanji from those level. At that point WaniKani should take a back seat for reading stuff in the wild. That is, unless you want to finish it and get it over with, a feeling I can sort of relate to.

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I don’t think so, it’s definitely attributed to the high apprentice counts when you’re going max speed and making sure to clear your lesson queues, you’ll get guru and master reviews later on during the later max speed levels on top of the current level’s apprentice and guru reviews, on top of enlightened reviews and sudden slews of burn reviews

All of that can definitely add up to the 400-500 review amount regardless if you have good accuracy or not

Yeah I didn’t include that because Vanilla already passed it, but useful for anyone else listening!

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