Today's Japanese - Word-a-Day Alexa App

Hey all,

My husband and I made a lightweight word-a-day app for the Amazon Alexa. It gives you a different word every day from a pool of common nouns, adjectives, verbs, and expressions. We picked words that have immediate relational meaning to someone using it and is meant more to be a daily exercise in learning something new and building those sweet, sweet daily habits rather than an intense look at bulking up vocabulary.

Anyway, if you want to give it a shot and have an Alexa, you can check it out here


Neat! I might have to consider coming up with something similar for my Google Home Mini

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I think the language learning potential for a casual learner is super high on both the Alexa and the Google home. I’m looking forward to see what other devs can come up with! We plan to release more languages in the future too so hopefully that will generate some interest.

Thanks, I installed it! TIL how to say “garden” in Japanese. :slight_smile:

Maybe I am still new at my Alexa Spot, but is there anyway you could also display the word on the screen as well?

In most apps, there’s a default screen display but we actually disabled that on purpose for this app because we wanted to keep it as streamlined as humanly possible. (also we were a little concerned with hiragana/katakana display since the Amazon Alexa is pretty locked down for regional stuff and didn’t test much)

I would love that! Because Google home’s Japanese voice is actually pretty good, I’ve been asking it every day how to say a word in Japanese… But I pick myself, and have to double check the answer it gives to make sure I’m not getting something weird like orange the color versus the fruit. An app like this one would be so cool!!!


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