Useful words you didn't think would be useful?

Like the title, does anyone have any words that you’d recommend people to know, ones that aren’t commonly suggested? Ones that someone wouldn’t normally think about as a word you “need”?

I just need some more words to add to my Anki deck and you guys always know best!

Thank you <3

Did you look at Wanikani Expansion Pack HELLO ワニカニ拡張パック - by まゆっち - Memrise
And ofcourse Core 10K would be a good place to start


Oh nice! That’s an awesome deck I didn’t know about haha! ありがとう!

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This certainly has to do with your situation, there are many words I know that I don’t “need” to know but they’re among my interests so they come up in conversation. Though perhaps words like 冠詞 could fall on the list of not “necessary” but surprisingly useful.


Yea I’ve been trying to build up words related to my interests for sure, and it’s come in handy! How have you found 冠詞 useful for you?? I don’t see when i’d use it haha

If you talk to Japanese people who aren’t also fluent in English, sooner or later, you’ll get an English question. And it’s way easier to explain English grammar in Japanese and have them undersatnd.

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Ah true! That makes a lot of sense. Thank you :slight_smile:

But really I’ve stumbled upon all kinds of words I never thought I’d have a use for, during Obon I used 輪廻、弔う、大往生. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of words that Japanese people don’t usually know in English like 盗み聞き and had to define plants and animals in Japanese such as 柳 and 鶯. I’m sure I could go on and on


What a totally weird kanji! “Crown, Best, Peerless”

I should probably go ahead and finish the last 10 levels at some point, I guess.

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So interesting! I guess I’ll only really know once I run into them.

I’ve found that animals fall into three groups. One, the super common ones that everyone learns early on, cat, dog, horse, cow, etc. The wider grouping of animals that are fairly common and either used in a lot of cultural contexts or are still kinda “common” but people always know them, like a peacock or a something, but the names will get more specific this is where 鶯 fits in. Then, the names of animals that you don’t really come in contact with, or very specific species names.

The first two come up, the last can come up sometimes, like マテ貝 which is a type of clam and only came up in a random Shinchan episode, but I’ll never forget it because his response is 間違い?

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