Thursday March 2 2023 Content Updates


(4) - Changed the kun’yomi reading from まず to ま.

(39) - Added “A” to the secondary meaning and added “former” to the allow list.


(34) - Changed the radical “brush” to “wolverine”, and updated the meaning mnemonic, meaning hint, reading mnemonic, and reading hint.


年中 (4) - Added ねんちゅう and としなか to the reading warning list.

空気 (5) - Added “mood” as an alternative meaning and updated the meaning explanation.

指定する (11) - Added “to decide something” to the blocklist.

(13) - Updated the reading explanation.

一億円 (13) - Added “one billion yen” to the block list.

試合 (14) - Updated the reading explanation.

察知 (17) - Added “inform” to block list.

評論 (21) - Added “review” to the allow list.

(23) - Updated the meaning explanation.

律動 (23) - Updated the meaning explanation.

演芸 (23) - Added “performing arts” as the primary meaning, added “popular entertainment” to the secondary meaning, moved “performance” and “entertainment” to the allow list, and updated the meaning explanation.

児童 (28) - Added “child” as an alternative meaning, added “juvenile” and “boys and girls” to the allow list, and updated the meaning explanation.

訪れる (29) - Updated the reading explanation.

先程 (30) - Added “some time ago”, “not long ago”, “a little while ago” and “just now” to the allow list.

志望 (32) - Added “applying” as an alternative meaning, and added “apply”, “wish” and “choice” to the allow list.

散歩する (33) - Moved “to take a walk” and “to take a stroll” to the allow list, and added “to walk” and “to stroll” to the allow list.

貴族 (34) - Added “nobility”, “noble”, “aristocracy” and “aristocrat” to the allow list.


Thanks @TofuguJenny! :heart:

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Thanks Jenny!


ありがとう, jenny-さん!


Minor nit, but the recognizer for readings replies when quizzing meanings still struggles with “nn” for 「ん」.

Not a big deal, but I just had “sinnei” marked incorrect for 新鋭(しんえい) since it was asking for the meaning.

I can’t make the “WE ARE ASKING FOR THE MEANING, DUMMY!” color bar vivid enough for me not to automatically start typing the Japanese word for things during my reviews!

Seriously: I think my reviews would go twice as fast without all the “whoopsie” backspacing on meaning quizzes. It’s probably a good sign that I’m “thinking in Japanese,” but it still drives me nuts.

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You can use scripts to make the reading always first

True, but I prefer random. I feel like I’m cheating a bit if it doesn’t ask me for meaning first sometimes.

Regardless of my preferences, though, I was just reporting a minor bug in a feature of the system (shaking when you provide the reading rather than the meaning).

Thanks for the additional example @Rrwrex! We’re planning on working on this shortly!

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Can the words 恵方巻 (ehoumaki) and 節分 (setsubun) be added to WK?