Thursday February 16 2023 Content Updates


(30) - Added “appropriate” to the allow list.

(8) - Added “resident” to the block list.


大きさ (1) - Added “volume” and “dimension” to the allow list.

夕べ (2) - Moved “last night” to the primary meaning, moved “evening” to the secondary meaning, and updated the meaning explanation.

二日 (2) - Updated a common word combination translation.

テーブルの上 (3) - Added “on top of the table” to the allow list.

車内 (4) - Added “not in the car” to the block list.

何人 (5) - Added なにじん to the reading warning list.

他所 (8) - Moved よそ to the primary reading, moved たしょ to the secondary reading, and updated the reading explanation.

疑問 (13) - Updated an example sentence.

折り目 (16) - Added “eye crease” and “eyecrease” to the block list.

意識 (17) - Moved “consciousness” to the primary meaning, moved “awareness” to the secondary meaning, and updated the meaning explanation.

自覚 (17) - Added “self-awareness” to the primary meaning, moved “consciousness” to the secondary meaning, updated the meaning explanation, and updated two context sentences.

脱線 (22) - Added “diversion” to the meaning warning list.

探究 (31) - Added “search” to the block list.

怪我 (36) - Updated the reading explanation.

指揮者 (36) - Added “director” and “leader” to the allow list.

及ぼす (38) - Added “to exceed” and “to excel” to the block list.

刊行する (38) - Added “to punish” to the block list.

(43) - Added あらわ to the reading warning list.

満潮 (43) - Moved みちしお to the reading warning list.

喧しい (43) - Added かまびすしい to the reading warning list.

阿呆 (54) - Changed the primary reading to あほ and the secondary reading to あほう, updated the reading explanation.


Thank you for the updates!

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For たしかに would it be accurate to add the definition “true that” as well?

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For 勝負 can the English word ‘battle’ be added as an acceptable answer?

Weird one:

雑巾(ぞうきん) has “dust cloth” as the primary definition, but doesn’t accept “dustcloth” (one word).

Same thing if you search for “dustcloth” from the homepage (which presumably doesn’t have any typo correction facility). This made me wonder whether such searches include all official synonyms (I couldn’t think of an easy test).[1]

  1. I also feel strongly that searching for “ninja” from the home page should return a link titled “not found” with a link to the real page. ↩︎

I’m not sure why, but when I click on [意識], it is still showing as “consciousness” and “awareness.” “Self-awareness” doesn’t appear at all.

Can the word 博士 (はかせ) be added? It’s a common vocabulary and it’s also used in pokemon a lot too.

Thanks for the suggestions! We’ll have a look at them as part of our weekly updates :slight_smile:

@Rrwrex “dustcloth” is accepted for me, with just the typo warning. Is that what you meant? :thinking:

That is so weird!

It marked it wrong for me outright. I didn’t think to take a screenshot, but I will the next time it comes up for review (in four days). I don’t run any scripts during reviews except the niai and keisei scripts, but if it happens again, I’ll disable all scripts and try again.

I suppose it’s possible I fat-fingered “dustcloth” but I don’t think so. I remember being surprised, then doubly so that it didn’t pass the typo checker. I looked at it long enough that I’d be surprised to have missed a real typo.

I’m going to go with the Jenny-detector theory (“cool it, it’s the fuzz”) or possibly the Rex-detector theory (“let’s mess with him, snicker”).


Can confirm that “dustcloth” is accepted for sure.


Thanks for pointing that out @sootsprite587! It turns out we switched the notes for 意識 and 自覚 in the update list. The list is now fixed. Sorry for the confusion!

Haha, keep me posted @Rrwrex! :smiley:

Edit: We’ve actually just added “dustcloth” to the allow list, since it isn’t a typo, so if it isn’t accepted next time there’s something very wrong going on. :scream:

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already on our future addition list! :slight_smile:


Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for clarifying.

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My ears perked up when I got this one wrong just now. It’s a bit annoying that you guys have no system in place to notify users of major changes (mistakes?) like this, otherwise I’d be going around reading that as たしょ until someone looked at me funny.

Please add “Concurrently” as a synonym to Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa

Also, “Attain” as a synonym of Mole.


“Monk” as a synonym of 仏僧(ぶっそう)

“Strange Person” for 変人(へんじん)
“Cold Weather” for (さむ)
“Alcohol Drinking” for 飲酒(いんしゅ)
“Police” for 警官(けいかん)

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