Thoughts on Transparent Language Online

There is a Humble Bundle Language Software Bundle currently available which if you pay at least $25 you get access to ebooks and subscriptions to multiple languages through Transparent Language Online. This company hasn’t crossed my radar before. I’m considering it but I’m not sure as I’ve already bought the lifetime subscription to WaniKani and Bunpro. And between those platforms and Duolingo I’m not sure if I really need another language software. Does anyone have any experience with this platform? Do you think this Bundle would be worth a purchase?

They don’t get particularly good reviews over here, which while I can’t seem to find a lot of info about, seem to be a fairly impartial review site with a specialism in language learning softwares:


I was considering getting that Humble Bundle, but then again, I already have both the Genki and Minna no Nihongo books, plus the lifetime sub to Wanikani, so I think it wouldn’t be that useful for me. Might have considered it as well for the Korean course for my mom, but again she opted for the Talk to Me in Korean series, so I think it’ll be redundant for her as well. :confused:

I was considering it, but some reddit reviews from when it was on humble bundle last year say it’s just like a phrasebook and someone who works there says it doesn’t really go passed N4 level. Seems more like a complete beginner to learn kana type of program.

There is a free 2-week trial though. Apparently no card needed either.

The design of the website and the available preview PDFs of their Beginner’s Guide looks staggeringly unprofessional and the content of the previews I took a quick look at is just as bad.

I only looked at the French and German one because there didn’t seem to be one for Japanese, but apart from the really poor layout, they both contain obvious punctuation errors, the German one explains spelling rules on the very first page that have little relevance for beginners, and the French one uses an example in the conditional (i.e., way too complex grammar) in the first grammar chapter.

I think almost every other language resource would be a better way to spend that $25.


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