What are you fellers using alongside wanikani?

I pretty much just started wanikani (haven’t bought it yet) and was wondering what you guys use alongside it. I own genki 1 + workbook as of now.

I would also like to know if there are any sales? I saw someone say there was an new years sale and if that’s the case I guess I’m waiting until then.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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KameSame and BunPro

Up till now there has always been a Christmas sale, so there will probably be one this year. No guarantees!

Up till now, the sale has just been on the Lifetime subscription, which is reduced from $300 to $200. If you’re thinking of getting lifetime, then definitely wait and see whether it goes on sale!

They will prorate any time left on your existing subscription when you change subscription model though. So, for example, if you bought a year’s subscription now, then if you bought lifetime at Christmas you’d get a reduction on the price equivalent to about 11 months’ worth of what you spent on the yearly subscription.

Finally, you definitely shouldn’t buy anything until you finish the free levels :wink:

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Gotcha, Thanks :slight_smile:

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For grammar I am using Minna no Nihongo Honsatsu (currently in the latter half of the second book: chapter 41 with the class, chapter 43 working ahead a little bit).Plus the grammar syllabus that my teacher put together for Dutch grammar explanations. Plus a conjugation app developed by a student in my class.

For kanji I also use android app Write Japanese: Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana. I like it, but I have no discipline to use it every day.

For vocab I use the app that my teacher put together to practice words sorted by Minna chapter, drama episodes we watch in class, jlpt level, classroom level, from his self compiled Japanese-Dutch dictionary (though his work as a teacher and translator). I should also be doing the Memrise courses associated with my class more, since I am way behind on vocab(I am on about 1800/2500 max vocab for my classroom level).

If anyone is interested in links to these resources, let me know. The dictionary (dutch-Japanese only) and conjugation app are freely accessible. Edit: you do have to register, but you don’t have to pay to access the dictionary.

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I was thinking of learning Dutch after Japanese in the far furture. To bad my course doesn’t make room for language learning classes :confused:

I’d be most grateful if you could drop some links so I can check them out.


not sure how helpful this will be for learning Dutch, but the website is https://www.japanology.nl/
Just realized, you do need to registered to the website to have access to the dictionary and the forum.

In the menu to the left (blue button) you can register (“registreren”), find the dictionary (“woordenboek”) and practice words (“overhoren (woorden)”). But for that last you have to actually take classes and pay and stuff.

For conjugations you can use this link: Katsu: practise Japanese conjugation - 活用
Scroll to the bottom to change language setting to English first. You can toggle all the conjugations you want or don’t want to practice on and off.

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I use Anki to squash my leeches and BunPro to be my main guide to study Japanese Grammar.

I don’t use any other people’s anki decks. I use my own decks. That means I enter manually one by one anything I need to my Anki Decks.

And to use BunPro, doesn’t mean that I just use it for Study and then Review the SRS. No, I learn any references that BunPro links from there. One of my favourite Japanese grammar books so far is A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar.

I used to use KameSame almost consecutively, but not anymore. I hope anyone won’t ask me why because I won’t repost anything I typed on this forum about KS. I just use Anki for this case, since I think I become more and more fluent in Anki. At least, up to my necessities. I’m still not an advanced Anki user though.

I still use KaniWani from time to time, only to review my burnt items.

Oh, and also, I use this book, for my Kanji writing practice. 漢字練習ノート 小学1年生 (下村式 となえて書く 漢字ドリル 新版)

Just some meth and the occasional coke


Send some my way will ya :+1:


Memrise for Vocab - especially for Genki I, Genki II, and JLPT N5, N4, and soon to be N3.
I want to start Bunpro cuz of how I have issues with remembering grammar points.

For physical resources; I use Genki, I own Minna no Nihongo I and II but haven’t started, and the N4 SpeedMaster, Kanzen Master, and Sou Matome books (probably selling them soon though).

WaniKani + BunPro + iKnow (only for a bit longer) + anime + light novels = happiness

Incidentally the anime has nothing to do with studying whatsoever for me but it’s an important part of the happiness equation


Genki, Bunpro, KaniWani, and light novels/anime.

A VPN with a dedicated IP so I can have access to Japanese Netflix and Amazon Prime… Then an absurd amount of content becomes available in japanese … :yum:


oh, a connoisseur

I attend a weekly hour Japanese group class and also use the Genki books, Japanese from Zero and nihongomaster.com

Indeed, binge watching in japanese is my utmost aimed activity … Doesn’t that sound much more appealing than textbooks and SRS apps ?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

An unhealthy binge watching habit does miracles for your japanese :grin:

I rely mainly on Genki, but I did take a class in basic Japanese at my university. We used Japanese for Busy People.

As well as that, I picked up a copy of A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar.

In terms of apps, I use Memrise and Drops for vocab.

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