Looking for an online resource like Genki/Minna!

Hey guys!
Wanikani is awesome and I look forward to getting my reviews/lessons done morning and night. I now want to expand more into textbook learning.
Does anyone know of an “online textbook” sorta thing available anywhere? I prefer reading and being tested, typing answers etc. Does such a thing exist?
Thanks! Looking forward to your suggestions!

Give LigoDeer a try. It’s an interactive textbook you’re looking for (probably) :wink:


I use the Bunpro website (bunpro.jp). It teaches grammar points and quizzes you. You can do lessons in JLPT order or Genki or Minna lesson order. They charge for it, but you can try it out for free for a limited time.


Bunpro doesn’t really teach you grammar points. It links to other site resources for learning grammar, then you go through their sentences and quizzes to practice said grammar. All with the wonderful system of SRS.

Although, I do much agree, both LingoDeer and Bunpro match exactly what the OP wants.

Human Japanese. Good for the price point

Rocket Japanese? IKnow? Never used either, so no idea if they’re good, but they’re things.


Thank you! LingoDeer is good, better than the app for me haha.

Cool! Bunpro is a great resource, thank you! Using it now.


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