Thinking of reseting? Just do it

If you’re considering reseting, then there’s probably a reason. There is a lot of different advice - all valid - to not reset and let SRS do it’s thing. This could work, depending on your level and personal preference.

Personally, I did reset and I’m all the happy for it. This is why -

Initially I started in December and by March I was at Level 10. I wasn’t particularly going flat out - it felt relatively comfortable. Then a few uncontrollable events meant I took a break for over 80 days. When I came back, my reviews were all over the place and it really hit my momentum (from 80 days ago hah).

I restarted from the beginning 31 days ago. I am now at level 6. I do remember a lot and this has meant my lesson take and progress has been quick, but it has cemented the occasional flimsy structure from before. Not to mention confidence.

I understand, from Level 10 to 1 is not a massive reset. So if you are considering reseting after a break, try some reviews, try the self study, and then you’ll know which level to reset to.

Stats below for reference - still making mistakes but overall it’s a more solid base to build on.


Yeah, that’s what I always recommend - do whatever would let you start moving again.
If you can start tackling your pile of reviews right now - great. If you can’t - then do a reset. Everything is better than just sitting in front of a growing pile of reviews and trying to muster the strenth to start tackling it!

I’m very glad that you started moving again - best of luck with your studies!


I do have to say that if you want to reset, maybe spring for that lifetime account. In the long run, it will be cheaper than month-to-month subscription.


I’ve reset twice, both times I fell off cause of health and fell so far behind it felt like s truggle.
I went from 19 to 1
and 42 to 1 (the real level was in the 20’s there too, I leveled doing only the kanji for the fun of it, while waiting for my health to get better :wink: )

I am so glad I did reset, was way worth it!

Now I’ve managed to feel when a burnout is nearing and DROP all lessons, just keep up with reviews, so I can just wait it out and be able to continue when I’m better.
The second go around was easier, the third was a breeze! Repeating the first few levels helped those essential items stick firmly =)

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There is another route to take that doesn’t necessarily matter if you neglect WK for a while.
While resetting to a certain level is a great feature, it’s kind of a broad approach.

I myself just caught up on a review backlog. However it doesn’t help with getting a mental refresh on burnt items.

I use WaniKani alongside Anki. After I have burnt an item on WaniKani, I activate it on my Anki collection. Everything that isn’t burnt, is still in the WK SRS system, so should be fine to come back to after a period of neglect.

Burnt items just need to be placed into a new SRS platform so that they can continue grow/shrink depending on correct/incorrect answers. That way they too don’t really suffer as a result of a period of neglect. I wish WK could allow us to customise our burn parameters, but until then there are other options.

Flaming Durtles let’s you search WK content by date, so you could easily keep track of new burnt cards since the last time you perhaps added a burnt batch to Anki.

Another tip would be to screenshot and insert WK kanji content for your vocab flashcards, so it keeps them in your day to day learning even if burned, without launching WK each time and searching.

On a side note, I also use this Anki time to use the WaniKani content to test myself using English to kanji (hand writing as well as keyboard) as well as audio recognition. Yes this does require either manually adding cards, or using decks made by others with the WK content. As a lifetime subscription member, I am comfortable with using this to keep burnt items active and help in the other learning aspects.

Learning is very personal, I’m slow, and wouldn’t want to start WK again, even though I’m only level 7, taken me ages and progress at the speed of my grammar/jlpt learning level.

I’ve reset before at around 20, I thought it was a good idea, but I regretted it now because I wasted so much time relearning things.

I don’t think scientists allow reset when experimenting with SRS just to let the experiments become easier. Just let SRS do its thing. SRS already has a natural reset. When you failed, it will go down, and you will have to repeat it.

If I am going to burn out in the future, I will take it slowly rather than reset it.

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I reset from 7 to 2 after a 3 month 休止. It was the right thing to do. FWIW, 7 is where I felt the first step up in difficulty. 14 another step up. Working though 19 right now, kinda dreading 21 if the pattern holds.

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