To reset or not

I have just taken a 147 day break due to work commitments. I’m level 4. I have restarted and can’t seem to remember anything. And the reviews keep piling up. I was thinking of resetting back to level 1. Anyone else had a similar problem, and what did you do?

I didn’t have a similar problem, but resetting to 1 isn’t a bad idea in your case, I think.
Things you do remember will make it much easier to get back to 4, and you will get stronger foundations in the process.
At full speed, you can get back to 4 in 2 weeks, which isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things. Plus, you have a lifetime subscription anyway…


I took a 200 day hiatus after being on level 7. I decided to reset and I seem to be much better at remembering the radicals, kanjis and words. I am not regretting to have reset to Level 1. Also to level up is much faster that the SRS will not be as slow as if you just started Wanikani, it just took me a week to get to level 2.

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It looks like the most reviews you could possibly have is 355. If you have a good typing speed and you don’t spend too long on any single item, it should be possible to get that done in maybe 3 hours. You could also split it up into 200 reviews one day and then get them to 0 the next day.

If you want to go at an easier pace of say 50 reviews per day, then you would probably get it down to 0 in a week or two, which isn’t a whole lot different from resetting to level 1 or 2 and working back up, so that would really be up to your personal preference. You could also try going back one level at a time until your review queue seems manageable.

Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll reset back to level 1. Onwards and upwards!!

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It’s about learning the kanji not getting to the “finish” line so reset and if you then know them better or remember them then anyway then good for you.

Just reset mine a few days ago from level 7 and it’s worth it to feel good having a clean slate. Of course, it’s also my second time resetting and the first was in the early 10s I think a few years ago so we’ll see if I ever finish :sweat_smile:


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