Debating whether or not I should reset

I apologise, Crabigator, for I have disappointed you.

After finishing my first year of uni, I told myself I was gonna plough through as much Japanese as I could over the summer break. What actually happened is the complete opposite. I would say I’ve been spending all this time helping my family around the house, and I have, to an extent, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I also spent a lot of time lounging around when I could have been studying.

I still have the better part of three months left (long summer, I know), and I’m now determined to make up for lost time. But upon revisiting WaniKani, I’m just lost. Hundreds of reviews have stacked up and I’ve mucked up almost all of the ones I attempted. It seems that my SRS has been ruined by my procrastination.

Basically what I want to ask is: should I reset? Is this standard protocol for when long breaks have melted your memory? I’m only level 3, so while it would take a couple of weeks or so to get back to where I am now (or rather, where I was a few weeks ago), I won’t really be losing that much progress.

What do you guys think?


You are at level 4. You can regain that in 4 weeks. Reset.
Your confidence will be boosted by the things that you know. You will get the hang of daily reviews again. You will be able to go full speed.
I would say to reset. :slight_smile:


I certainly like looking at it from that perspective. I reckon I’ll reset in a bit then.

Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

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