The worst feeling ever

I wouldn’t call this a flame war, my blood pressure certainly is not getting higher nor is my heart rate. I am just calmly and rationally putting down my thoughts in writing.

Yes I have N5, N4 and am on track for N3 and higher. I have set myself goals with a timeline. Unfortunately the “fictitious” radicals impact the timeline I have set and this needs to be circumvented.

I can understand their frustration about being deprived of lessons due to radical reviews falling short. That is why I came up with the idea of adding the synonym “pass” to all of the radicals after the lessons are done.

rolls in I quite like the mnemonics and silly radicals, but I am indeed childish. rolls away



There’s value to mnemonics, but some of the “radicals” are just full kanji and many of the radicals are counter-intuitive or do nothing to try to teach the meaning actual users of Chinese and Japanese attach to them. The “dotted cliff” and “hanging cloth” radicals come to my mind, both of which are the actual intended meanings of the radical but neither are initial meanings used by wanikani. Due to that, some of the effort of the exercises actually run counter to productive learning.

At least they allow user-entered synonyms, which allows them to still be learned by some functional, helpful association. Just adding “pass” to all would do even less to help learn radicals than poor word games.

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Funny that this was your second-to-last post before being banned for 1000 years… anyway, @Sirius_San, if you ever return, please give WK a chance - even to Level 3, your kanji knowledge will improve immensely.


I haven’t given it up yet. I’m starting it as soon as I brush up my Spanish and English


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