Is this a bug or do i have to review million times?

I did the first 26 radicals 2 days ago and it makes me review them over and over again. It doesnt give me any new lessons just reviewing those 26 radicals.

It takes 4 reviews to get an item to the “guru” level, at which point it will unlock any items that are based on it.

It’s possible, if you do each review when it becomes available, to unlock the first kanji in about a day and a half. So I’m thinking it probably has been more like… one lesson and 3 reviews for you, rather than a million.

But you could go to the individual pages for the items to confirm for sure.

This is all in the FAQ and guide though, so give those a second look if you already did your due diligence.


oh ok so its 4 reviews to get to the next lesson? i was just wondering why it didnt give me anything but if thats the case then it should give me next lesson after next review. Thanks for answering!


I think that all of your questions are answered in the faq.
This whole system starts slow. You don’t get your next batch of new material until you answer the first batch correctly, several times. But, each repetition is spaced out over time.
It does build quickly.
If you check in to your dashboard a couple of times each day, then do the reviews and new stuff, you will keep leveling up about once each week or two. In a few weeks, you will know many dozens of kanji and words.
The reason for the new start is to get new users used to the system.
This really is the very best way to learn kanji, and this community is the best place anywhere to find people who have taught themselves Japanese starting from nothing!
Good luck!


There is a pathway to getting a new lesson:

SRS Level Next Level Total Wait Review
Apprentice 1 4h - Lesson
Apprentice 2 8h 4h 1
Apprentice 3 ~1d 12h 2
Apprentice 4 ~2d 1d 11h 3
Guru 1 ~1w 3d 10h 4
Guru 2 ~2w 1w 3d 9h 5
Master ~1M 3w 3d 8h 6
Enlightened ~4M 7w 5d 7h 7
Burned - 24w 6d 6h 8

When you learn a new item (radical, kanji), you will be tested on it four hours later, eight hours later, one day later, two days later.

During the first three review steps, your item is marked as “apprentice”.

After the “two days later” (fourth) step review, a correct review changes the item to “guru”.

When an item is “guru”, you are considered to have learnt it well enough to receive new lessons based on that item. New kanji or vocabulary (words and phrases) based on that “guru” item then become unlocked.

If you make an error during a review, you will go back two steps, except when you are in one of the apprentice steps, where you go back one step.

After a radical (blue background) item becomes “guru”, any kanji which is derived from that radical becomes available to you as a new lesson. After a kanji (pink background) item becomes “guru”, any vocabulary (purple background) derived from that kanji will be unlocked.

After 90% of a level’s kanji items become “guru”, you go up to the next level. Many people call this “levelling up”. Any vocabulary related to the recently guru-ed kanji becomes available. A new slew of radicals and kanji (for the next level) also become available.

Every day, someone posts a new thread about this issue or they complain it is too slow and not worth using.

As the number of guru’ed items pile up, you will eventually feel very differently about the workload. For example: one guru’ed kanji can result in three new words / phrases. Each level has 30 or more kanji. If you stick with the system, you will get busy.


Just a note, the wait times for levels 1 and 2 are half of what that table shows. In case anyone was wondering why it wouldn’t be possible to get to kanji in a day and a half like I had said based on those times.

For every other level, that table is accurate.

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