Feature Request: Learn radicals from next lesson

Love WaniKani, thank you for this wonderful resource. I’m on level three and I plan on reaching level 60 without stopping. I’ve made fitful attempts at the kanji before, but didn’t complete it because of the work of organizing SRS reviews myself. I look forward to having WaniKani manage that for me.

I do wish that there was an option to learn the radicals from the next lesson before advancing to it, during that period while I am waiting for my kanji to advance to Guru. I spend about half my days waiting, with nothing new to learn. I know it’ll probably be less of an issue in the future when there is more vocabulary and less radicals, but for now it’s an annoying speed bump.

Is there something that can be accomplished with scripts, or something the devs could add even as a hidden option?

I doubt you will want to continue this approach as you progress in levels but all of the radicals, kanji and vocab are a couple of clicks away right from the WaniKani homepage. Here is a direct link to the radicals from levels 1-10: WK Radicals Levels 1-10

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only reorder script ( which helps to study radicals/kanji first on new level). Honestly, you probably underestimate the amount of workload you gonna have. It’s very easy to burn out with 3 days per level on average. And wanikani reaches its peak in terms of reviews only around level 20+.

Sounds like the Self-Study Quiz script could be helpful :slight_smile: (EDIT: for pre-learning the radicals during downtime, that is.)

After installing the script and stuff, go to settings → items tab, then create a new “list”, and make sure to check only radicals as item type. The level will be whatever level is your next one. Remember to click save.

Then choose the newly created list here:


Some clarification: I already know all 214 traditional radicals and their variants, plus maybe about 500 or so kanji from previous studies. So for me the issue is that the few days spent practicing the radicals at the beginning of a lesson are “wasted.” Hence why I thought this might be more of an advanced/hidden option.

It is not that much about taking the lessons but keeping up with the reviews. For an item in your review queue it doesn’t matter whether you know it or not you still have to review it.

I’m not really good with examples… but let’s say your task is to eat two loaf of bread per day. Everything you do not finish will pile up with the new ones at the next day.

The idea behind WK is not to keep you as long as possible on the app but as short as possible. During the “waiting” period between reviews / new lessons maybe you can join some of our book clubs or movie clubs or listen to some podcasts or study grammar or … :slight_smile:

Anyways, good luck with your studies :four_leaf_clover:


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