New many lessons!

I’m at Level 31, but let things go after the renaming of a lot of the radicals. I chose the “Learn new names” option, but wish they were introduced periodically instead of what seems like all at once. Every lesson has 5 “new” radicals and hardly ever a new kanji. Is that something I just have to surrender to or?


Ah, the radicals are the easiest bit, since there’s just one review per item (as opposed to meaning and reading reviews for everything else). Plus, they’ll still answer to the original names.


You are braver than me ! I just haven’t bothered learning the new ones ! apart from the odd one (boob grave < mole :rofl:)

I did find the change threw me off slightly.

I am only at level 2 but when I got there a mountain of lessons just came crashing down on me. What should I do? Thanks.

This is normal. Moving a level up unlocks many items at once. Don’t do all lessons in one go. They will all come in reviews at the same time and if you keep this bad habit for a while you will end up having massive spikes in daily review workload. Do lessons at a rate of around 15 to 25 lessons per day. This will prevent the spike problem.

Thank you very much!

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