The Translate This Thread


So I often see posts looking for translation help, and I thought it would be helpful to just create a thread where everyone could post either looking for help, or just fun things for people to practice translation on.

i’ll post something fun and easy first. It would be cool to have all levels of stuff so anyone can do it. I couldn’t find another thread like this that wasn’t from 2013 so.



Aww, I thought this was a new game


well it can be… but like an educational game, that’s kinda how i thought of it, with real help mixed in. if you translate the above pic, you can post one of your own.


Edit: Oh I guess I should try translating it too :laughing:

Translation: Fluffy Mokoretto! (I’m assuming the word is made up from the combo of もこ from もこもこ + コレート from chocolate/チョコレート or something to mean like fluffy candy?)

“Yummy froth comes out fluffy from a cute miniature toilet!”

Bottom right: “Cola flavor + Cider flavor”

Also, I’m just gonna leave this here because Japan



The goofy fonts and the top-down writing are really throwing me off, somehow.

Also, side-question completely off-topic: how do they write furigana on top-down text?


The places I’ve seen it it was on the left side.


To the right-hand side!


Next to it usually ^^ (I’ve only seen it on the right side)

You can see the little で furigana here



Bahaha, well that was helpful of us :joy:

I’m probably wrong


No I think I am wrong actually :smile:

I thought I recalled seeing it on the left but the right makes more sense since then it’s on the opposite side of the ‘secondary’ writing direction (just like above in left to right writing)


Ah well, it’s definitely to the right or the left…!


Yes, then in both cases your eye “hits” the furigana first. It actually annoys me though, because it makes it harder to avoid looking at the furigana if you’re trying to read the kanji directly :disappointed:

As for the OP’s picture… I am too terrified of whatever that is to attempt translating! I think the bit on the right says ‘cute miniature toilet’.


Yeah, I got “from a cute miniature toilet” for that section. The text in the bottom right and bottom left are hard to read because it’s small and I can’t zoom in.


Yeah, I get the ‘from’ bit as well - I assume that whatever tasty thing is stated in the title is coming from the toilet. I don’t know what “mokomoko mokoretto” is though.


There are some very disturbing pictures on amazon.


My translation attempt is up there if you want to see my take on it!

notice me senpai


Ooh, thank you!

Yep, I guessed ‘mokoretto’ was probably a terrible hybrid with chocolate, and I was wondering whether ‘mokomoko’ was onomatopoeia. Does ‘mokomoko’ have more of a ‘frothy’ connotation than ‘fluffy’? Why does アワ (is that right?) mean flavour?


Oops it’s actually アワ (泡/あわ) – froth/bubbles


But… is that a loanword? Or is it just stylised?


It comes from the kanji 泡 whose reading is あわ, so they just used the katakana for it instead!