Tofugu's "Katakana Practice" worksheet

Was going through some older Tofugu resources today and found this Katakana practice worksheet. It looked like fun so I’ve printed it out and started to work on it, I’m feeling like i got a few words wrong but can’t find an actual answer to this worksheet anywhere (not that they’re real words and matter or anything i just can’t be wrong ever)

Anyone wanna give it a try with me?


I have a few thoughts about this.

  1. This is horrifying.
  2. I wish I were faster at reading katakana.
  3. If Japanese were actually like this, we wouldn’t need WaniKani anymore. :slight_smile:

That sure is something o_O

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Well… isn’t this funnn :upside_down_face:

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I’m not sure if the OP is serious about wanting a translation, but here’s what I came up with.

My translation

Hello! My name is Mami. What about you?
I love bacon. If you don’t like bacon, we can’t be
friends. Do you love bacon too?
Your socks are very stinky today.
Did you step on some blueberry jam in the garage (ガレージ)?
My mother eats rice cracker whenever she watches TV.
I’m jealous.
Welcome to New York. In case you get thirsty and hung-
ry, I bought some beer and bacon for you.
Hey. I would have knocked if you had a door.
I shaved my moustache off the first-time in my life.
I am emotionally damaged because of you.
He is one of the most famous West Coast artists. I’-
m so excited!

I’m getting married to the man of my dreams.
you are crazy, Suzy (スージー). Why are you here?
Who (フー ? There’s no “hu” sound in katakana.) filled our bathtub with cookies and cream ice cream?
I mean, it’s good to eat, right?
I heard that some people have s_x while playing ping-pong fo- (the ア is split across lines)
r some reason. Have you tried that before?
I swear I didn’t touch your I-Pad.
I can’t believe that you just sneezed on my face. It-
's so gross!
Did you know that his uncle likes a lizard.
Sorry that I just show up like this.
Are you my f___ing therapist now, James?
What (“the” omitted?) hell(ヘル) are you talking about?
My butt. Oh my butt. My butt is so itchy.
Okay, alright, big baby. I can scratch it for
you. Just have some watermelon and relax.


Oh I was serious, some of the elongation vowels sounds throw me off still, and i think this is a good practice of hearing how those vowel combinations are suppose to sound.

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. YES

What (“the” omitted?) hell(ヘル) are you talking about?

I don’t think the “the” is omitted, but rather that “What the” has been combined into “ワッタ”. Try to say it out loud and see if it sounds like “What the”. At least it does to me :slight_smile:

Other than that, this “translation” looks excellent to me. Thank you for doing the work!


I found RealKana very helpful for practicing reading Hiragana and Katakana. Give the (free) website/app a try. If you ever go to Japan, Katakana can be the most useful. Lots of menus, combini things, and grocery store stuff is written in katakana, and it’s usually english in disguise.

@navast My biggest mistake the first time I moved to Japan was not thinking i needed to know katakana, When in fact, it would have been the most useful to know. I thought it was rarely used, i just had no idea. At that time, my Japanese was very limited so knowing just katanana would have gotten me so much further with exactly what you said, menus and stuff. I would stress to anyone, especially people just going on vacation, to learn a little katanana and your trip will be a lot easier.

I didn’t make that mistake the second time i went lol, but practice like this sheet is always good!

Well. That was a thing. Yep.

If Japanese were like that, it would be like this:



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