I'm making an RPG to teach Japanese language. It's called Summon High and you'll LOVE it!

Hi, I have started training myself here at WaniKani because my current level is not that good (between N5 and N4) and I want to become a video game translator. So, I decided to come here to train. I’m also studying English but that is another story.

Also, I’m making an RPG to teach Japanese language. I wanted to know is I may talk about it here or if that is spam.
(And yeah, English is not my native language, so sorry for the mistakes)

EDIT: Ok, that’s it. I’m done replying to hate comments. It’s kind of tiring and pointless. I’ll keep you guys informed, read your feedback (because it’s really important to me) and answer your actual concerns. But anything that looks or feels like trolling, I’m simply not replying. You have been warned.

RE:EDIT: There are a couple of rude comments, but what I meant was: I LOVE arguing about this stuff, I could go on and on, and I can afford myself to be tired, because I actually have a lot to do. I’m sorry for making such hasty assumptions.


A good way to find out is by asking the @Mods directly, probably even better if you send an email to the team at hello@wanikani.com before you write about it in more detail here. Good luck on your venture!


Thank you! I’ll do that!


Am I understanding that you don’t speak Japanese at a level above fluency (much less: at all), and you want to make something to teach others Japanese?

I really can’t say much of anything that wouldn’t be intentionally-scathing, if that’s the case. I would ask your age and request that you reexamine your train of thought.

Also, forum rules claim that posting external resources is not spam UNLESS it exceeds one thread and that thread is needlessly bumped to the point of becoming spam. So yes, to the best of my knowledge you can post about such things here.


I wanted to know is I may talk about it here or if that is spam

No, please tell us all about it. But I do hope you aren’t doing this alone and have somebody proficient in Japanese as an advisor/co-creator. Else it’s what @WolfEriksson said, no?

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Thank you for the information.

I’m doing this alone, sorry. But if it gives you peace of mind, I’ll be proficient by the time the game is past N5. I’m just starting with teaching kana for now.


Do as you like, but it’s much more fun to work in a team. Why not ask for somebody to join you. I’m sure there’s a subreddit or something for finding teammates in game creation.


Out of curiosity, how would the teaching aspect of the game work? I assume that if you already have a genre in mind, you also got an idea of what to convey how.

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About that, I started developing it not so much ago, but I had the idea in mind for several years. So, I considered several teaching methods, one of them is mnemonics. I guess it’s hard to explain because I never had to pitch the idea to anyone.

Do you want to see it for yourself? I released the first demo a couple of days ago and it takes 30 to 40 minutes to finish.

But, keep in mind that it’s just a prototype, so it’s faaaaaaar from perfect.



We don’t mind as long as you stick to this thread and you go by the rest of the guidelines :+1:


I did something wrong? :flushed:

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I believe Jen was just saying that this post is fine and giving you a general reminder to follow forum rules; not that you had broken any ^-^

It’s like saying “Everything’s good, now drive safe, y’hear?”


Oh, right! Thank you for clarifying that!


One is glad to be of service


So, what are you teaching? What you’ve learned so far, or what you haven’t (possibly with the help of someone else)?

Sorry, but I explained that in previous posts.
If you read the thread carefully, you’ll find out.

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Cool! :sunglasses: :+1: I look forward to following your progress. Please keep us updated in this post. I’ve downloaded the demo and will try it out when I get a chance.

@JenK Is it okay if we (I) post feedback about it here in this thread? Don’t really feel like signing up to any other websites (such as where MemShinobi posted it) just for some basic feedback.

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Thank you! = )


I actually did - I guess the better way to put it is:
How far do you intend to go with this? (You said the game will pass N5 - but will it get to N1? What aspects of Japanese do you intend to cover - just grammar? Words not on WK?)