The Little Wins Thread

Did you recently recognize text in the wild? Have a conversation where both parties understood each other? Or maybe you finally burned that one pesky leech?
Have you wanted to share that win, but didn’t think it needed its own thread? Well you’re not alone! Here’s a space for just that! Let’s celebrate our wins on this language learning adventure!


I’ve been grinding a lot of WaniKani (did 7 Levels in 2 months after a slow period) and Bunpro in the last few months (in addition to a rather slow course at university) and I’m getting better with N4 Grammar. When I watched Anime in the last few weeks, I could actually understand whole sentences from time to time and I think that’s really good, it made me very happy and it finally feels like making significant progress after 1,5 years :slight_smile: Also I generally feel like I’m getting a better understanding of the language.


I watch different twitch streamers, and last night I had a 6 chain conversation going where the only translating I needed to do was to add new vocabulary to messages I wanted to say. I learned about a snack called Cuprico(sp), what it tastes like, and where to find it.


After struggling to find a textbook that worked for me for so long, I found みんなの日本語. I had tried Genki, Japanese from Zero, and others. I’m now seven chapters in, and just received all the companion books in the series to work on.


Seconding this little win! I was intimidated of this book because is all Japanese but I have actually quite enjoyed it. I do study and practice the vocabulary from the translation book before each lesson.


I went to my library’s weekly Japanese conversation practice class today. I’ve been going for about 10 months every week, some times it is a difficult time, sometimes it’s a blast. Production is hard, but had a great time with lots of friends chatting in 日本語 today :slight_smile: Next week I’m bringing in my 書道 set for fun :smiley:


Tomorrow (2/19) marks 50 days of studying for everyone that started on Jan 1 (which includes me :smiley: )

And just in time for that, I just finished the last grammar lesson in Genki 1!


My little win is that after taking a break for a few weeks, I resumed reading the first カードキャプターさくら (Cardcaptor Sakura) manga and 1) understood some of the already read parts better and 2) got a little further this time before the mental fatigue took over!

Trust the process, as they say!


Yesterday, I had my first day of really not wanting to do any studies, but pushed through it.


I may post a more detailed thing about this in my study log, but I recently read my first novel in japanese. It had furigana of course and was written for grade schoolers, about a grade schooler raising a toddler so the language used was not incredibly challenging in vocabulary or syntax, but hey, I still read a ~200 page novel (bookwalker page count so I’m not super sure how long that is in real paper and there wasn’t that much text per page) in a foreign language in about a week earlier this month