The top left Wanikani image stopped being clickable

Basically, when I’m on the main page (, this image stopped being clickable (i.e. it doesn’t refresh the page anymore). This has been happening for a few days already. It works on any other page except the main one.

I thought it was just me, but @neicul just told me the same thing is happening to him. Anyone else?


Tagging @viet.

Btw, if I put my mouse on top of the image, it still shows the link in the top left corner. Bunpro’s and Kitsun’s forums are working just fine.

EDIT: I just remembered that some notifications (only replies to posts of mine so far) have been having a delay (probably around 12h?). Not sure what’s triggering it.


Just tested, can confirm page did not refresh

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I’ve also had this problem for a few days(along with the mobile site seemingly not working properly), so it’s not just you.

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Just remembered this.

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It works if you’re off the CATEGORY page.

Yeah, it works everywhere except :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re like me and you have that set to some page other than the category page, it works fine!

So yeah, I guess the accurate way to describe it is that it doesn’t work on the category page. Because it’s up to the user where the URL you mentioned goes.

Oh, and if you do have it set somewhere else, it works everywhere, because when I’m on the categories page it takes me to the Latest page, which is what I have set as the default.

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Ohh, so you can choose to which part of the forums it goes? Example: /latest; /new; /unread? I didn’t know that :astonished:

But isn’t the final URL still /latest? :thinking:

Nope, it’s just what you showed.

This option is in the interface section of preferences.


Oh, found it! Thanks, I wasn’t aware this is possible :grin:


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You must really hate the poll threads.

I just mute them when they appear.

I do hate them anyway, though.


The imagelink is working for me as intended again on the Categories page.

Indeed! Working here again as well ^^

EDIT: Wait, it just stopped working again Oo

EDIT 2: Ok, it works every single time except when I’m inside a thread, click the image once (works) and then once again to refresh the page (doesn’t work here).

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Good to know it’s not just me.

Also, the delayed notifications thing has been happening to me for months (maybe just 1 month-ish, not sure tbh). But the “home” click thing recently stopped working.

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Is this a bug or a feature?

To me it will forever be a bug as it annoys me every day…


I agree. It doesn’t improve the user experience, therefore a bug.


It works fine on Kitsun’s and Bunpro’s forums so I don’t get it :man_shrugging:


Yeah, it bugs me too. Apparently enough that I’m willing to make a pun about it.

This is getting serious…

For real though, this can’t be hard to fix, can it? No one from the WK team has said anything about this yet, right? Whyyyyyy?! D: