Recent Visual Changes to the Forums

Suddenly the cute artwork in the top bar is gone, and I’m sure it’s supposed to say “WaniKani Community”, but it’s either too large a font for mobile or aligned weird… All I can see is “niKani Community”.

I miss the adorable graphic of :crabigator:, @viet, Koichi, Kristen, and Mami-san.

Within threads the thread title is also missing, and again I see this misaligned font/title instead… “niKani Community”. Can’t screenshot it, my phone’s too full and won’t upload. (Totally weird, out of memory but not…)

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing while the site is being fiddled with…?

It looks normal to me (both on pc and phone). Somebody else couldn’t see the logo, but I see you posted in that thread already. Does it look normal to you now?

It’s still there for me.

What device are you viewing the website on? Is your Java/Flash/Whatever up-to-date? Have you tried refreshing?

Nothing wrong on our end as far as I can tell? We haven’t made any changes to the forums recently.

I suggest investigating your machine. Are you running scripts/extensions? Disable them and see if that does anything. Try testing with a different browser and see if the set up of your main browser is the culprit.

Yep, still there

Hey Viet,

It was on Chrome on my phone. No Userscripts on my phone at all. It’s back today, no issues.

I’ll keep an eye out for if it happens again, try to see if I can pinpoint it.

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