The top left Wanikani image stopped being clickable

I hope I know what you mean, but it starts working if you go, for example, to latest, and then click it. Then it refreshes the page as it should. Again, I hope I understood you correctly

Yeah, but that doesn’t fix the problem itself xD The image has a hyperlink, so it should work.


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Yeah, I saw that, but it starts working for me if I click latest and then click the image :thinking: Before that, nothing

I think we know that. The issue is that we like to use it to refresh the page when we are already on the home page. The additional click is a nuisance for no reason. Especially when it worked previously. It’s not like we are asking for a new feature, here.

Well, after I do all that I can refresh the page, that’s what I’m saying:) When I’m already on the home page

You’re not already on the home page if you are leaving the home page to “fix” it. By clicking “latest”, you are leaving the home page.

I get that it doesn’t work as it should, I was just saying that it can be refreshed once you go to latest, then return and then have this page refreshed when clicking not latest again, but the image. Sorry if I can’t explain myself or understand you or I’m rude, I just thought I would tell that I found that :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I appreciate that. But I’m saying we already knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

We want it to be like it used to be.


That’s more than fair that you want it like that, I do too:) Sorry again, that I overcomplicate things:D :sweat_smile:


Fixed! Thank you.


It isssss!! :tada: @Ryouki





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