Wanikani website not loading anymore?


since this morning I can’t access anymore the Wanikani website (my connection goes on timeout), although the community is still working using my computer.

On my mobile phone I can’t access it either using wi-fi, however I noticed that it works if I use my 4G connection.

It was working until yesterday, so I doubt that my ISP just blocked Wanikani for no reason all of sudden on a Sunday.

So I was wondering if I am the only one having this issue or there is indeed something not working on Wanikani side?

If it’s just me, any advice on how to fix it?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I haven’t had any issues this morning.

What browser are you using (and/or have you tried a different browser)? Sometimes this fixes mystery issues with websites for me.

Other than that - not a great internet troubleshooter - hoping someone else might have some more suggestions for you.

Wanikani’s forums are hosted in a different location than the main site. I’m guessing you may be experiencing a temporary internet routing issue, resulting in only certain parts of the internet being inaccessible from your ISP’s location.

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Thank you everyone for your answers!

It is working again now, so I guess it was just a temporary internet issue.

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