Links are not showing previews

What the title says. Usually you could post a link and it would give a preview, but since today it hasn’t. This has happened to me twice already and I’ve seen someone else having the same exact problem.

Extra test:

EDIT: Yep, it didn’t work :point_up: @viet


Discourse just seems full of weird little things these days, huh (nobody saw the mistake before the edit, I hope)

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I think this is related to the background queuing related problems that people have pointed out in the last few hours.

Nothing we can do on our end but alert the board host about it.


I blame the poll thread.


Somehow it seems fixed?.. XD

Ok, the two other posts that had the same problem are still with it. Maybe Discourseちゃん is still recovering from the trauma.

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Yeah i think the background jobs are catching up? I got bombarded with a lot of notifications after a staff member responded to seanblue’s post inquiring a semi related issue. I think they loaded up additional workers to catch up?


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