Recent Community Topics did not update for my post

I made a post to the Ultimate Timeline thread, which is under the WaniKani and API tags.

As seen here, the forum displayed the post being made.

However, on the main dashboard page, the updates did not appear there. It fell off the list because it only updated for the second-to-last post made on that thread, about 30 minutes before mine, but it was previously on this list.

After waiting a while with multiple refreshes, the status did not change. It appears most of the other threads updated correctly, but this one did not.

I have removed the forums panel from my dashboard, so I wouldn’t know, but is it possible that it just doesn’t show anything from #wanikani:api-and-third-party-apps by design?

It’s there now:

It seems to just take a while to update between Discourse and WK’s main page, there have been multiple threads replied on that still weren’t showing on that screenshot (including rfindley’s reply to you on that thread)

Maybe it’s set to only sync every so often. It’s 15 minutes after the hour now and 20 minutes after his reply to mine, but it still hasn’t moved up. I wonder if certain forum tags are pulled less frequently than others by design then. The campfire threads update much faster and even this thread is faster as well.

It could also be that it queries an interesting-topics endpoint on Discourse and its algorithm assigns different weights based on things like age of thread versus amount of recent activity or the time since a thread was last featured.

Or there could be caching on Discourse, the dashboard, or in your browser (maybe WK itself only serves a new list of topics every few minutes unless you do a full reload).

Okay so I watched to see when the homepage would update, and it updates at every 15 minute interval of the hour (my first screenshot was taken at xx:00 PM, then it updated again at xx:15PM, and now again at xx:30PM, it took about 20-30 seconds after it turned to the 15 min interval to update on the page) [EDIT: and also again @ xx:45PM]

It seems to update and then starts collecting the Discourse forum info at the time of the update and display those at the next update, which is why all of the posts displayed tend to have a minimum of ~10+ min since last post, it doesn’t seem to make a difference what forum category the topic is under. :thinking:


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This is beautiful. I’m so gonna use this gif the next time someone posts me a f*cking IE bug.

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