The script most important that I've missed

As you see, I installed all script in 368 days wiki
but I don’t see the script that let I do the radical first, then kanji, then vocabulary followed by level
If I remember correct,it’s a tool on the left? or below

I think that you’re referring to the Reorder Ultimate script, so I’ll put a link to that. You might have the older version (I don’t know what links are on the wiki).

Make sure you have it turned on in your browser, then it should appear below the lessons and reviews via a drop-down menu.

Hope that helps!

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I see that you’re on the lesson screen and you already have the [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter script installed, therefore you should have everything you need to rearrange your lessons. You don’t actually need to use the Reorder Ultimate script to do that.

The orange, blue, pink, and purple boxes mean: batch size, radical, kanji, vocab

So if you have 34 radical lessons and want to do 10, you’d put 10 in the first box, 10 in the second box, and hit ‘Filter’


the problem is, I hit enter and nothing happen, then I must use the ultimate version !
and I think it much better

To each their own, though generally, I’d advise not to re-order your reviews and that the Lesson Filter script re-orders lessons more easily. Hitting enter won’t do anything, you have to click ‘Filter’, incidentally.

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Yes I mean I hit filter
I don’t know what error I’m encounter, and that’s why I can’t use it

Based on your screenshot you’ve only entered the number ‘5’ in the radical box, the blue box. You also need to enter the number 5 in the batch box which is the the orange one.

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You don’t need to fill in the batch input. It’ll default to the user’s batch size setting. However, the script by intention doesn’t reorder (except randomly if you hit shuffle). WaniKani is probably giving @jays level 1 vocab before level 2 radicals, which is typical. If they want just radicals, they need to put 0 in the kanji and vocab inputs.

Also, I don’t know if enter works. Try hitting the actual filter button…

That’s because jp now recommends Lesson Filter instead of Reorder Ultimate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s me diligently putting a batch size in all this time without realising, haha.


I do explain how the script works in the original thread you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Y-you expect me to r-read the ‘recommended workflow’ section?! :sweat_smile:


Haha same here :joy:

That sounds far too sensible, I’m more of the ‘ignore the instructions and just work it out as I go’ kind of person.

just kidding I did read through them at the time I installed the script but obviously they just went in one ear and out the other :sweat_smile:


I also added the batch size feature later, so depending on when you installed it maybe you used it for a bit before that was added.

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Ahhh that could be it, I’ve had the script for ages. I use it a lot, it’s so handy for getting a nice mix of kanji and vocab lessons.

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