Reorder script?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know exactly how to install a reorder script so that I can see all radicals and kanji before seeing vocab?


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I followed these instructions (didn’t even know what a userscript was when I started…) and had no problem with them once I realised I couldn’t install them on my Samsung tablet!

Edit: Sorry, just in case you haven’t got the actual script lined up, this is the one I’m using: WaniKani Lesson Ordering II

There is also Reorder Ultimate which lets you reorder both lessons and reviews, but it is more complicated to implement, and I don’t see the need to reorder reviews as it tends to remove the interleaving that is there to help the items lock into your long-term memory better…

@Rowena you are quite extraordinary, thank you so much! Should it work right away or will I have to wait until my next level to see it in effect? I’m currently halfway through lvl 14. Thanks again!

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As soon as you install it you’ll have it. But all it is is a little set of buttons that you can press when you are on the lesson or review screen to move the items around that are already there.

You can’t make things appear sooner than they would otherwise show up.

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I thought the point of it was to give you all of the radicals and kanji at the beginning of a new lesson rather than splitting the kanji into two seperate groups?

When you have a batch of lessons, you can reorganize them, so that they appear in the order you desire. That’s all it does.

So if you have 130 lessons and 5 are radicals, you can make it so those 5 are the first 5 that appear. Normally they’re randomly sprinkled throughout.

And no, you can’t make the “second wave” kanji appear before they are unlocked… if that’s what you thought.

Do we know if there is any way to make the second batch of kanji come at the beginning?

No, like any items they are unlocked by the radicals that comprise them. But you can make those radicals appear ASAP with this script (assuming they’re already in your queue). You don’t have to do all your pending lessons or reviews to access them each time.

Just to follow up on what Leebo wrote, it won’t let you force items to unlock, but it will better prioritise unlocked items for you - I mainly use it just after levelling up: without it I would have several days’ worth of the previous level’s vocab to get through still before reaching the point in the lesson queue where the new level’s radicals and kanji were sitting; with it, I can force rads/kanji first, and then go back to the old level’s vocab while the rads/kanji are working their way to guru.

I am currently doing 9-day levels with a continuous supply of lessons (18/day), but without this script it would be closer to 11 days per level because there would be points where the lessons ran low or completely out while I was waiting for stuff to guru.

Just to add to the above, are you using the wkstats site at all?

I took some screen shots today for another thread (sorry, tablet’s being uncooperative, so I will link instead of reposting photos here): with this configuration, I can readily see everything that is in my lesson queue so I know when it is advantageous to click that reorder button and when I don’t need to bother.

awesome guys, thanks so much!

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