The New Burned Items Extra Study Mode - A New Ultimate Challenge

So now WK has added being able to practice all your burned items, I noticed that it doesn’t cap the number it gives you at once. So theoretically you could do them all in one session. If you’re below level 20 that may not seem too crazy, but once you start getting to the later levels, you get quite a few burned items.


And for those who have burned all their items, that’s a 9060 item review session. I’ve seen people tackle ~2000 item review sessions before, but how long will it be before someone crazy enough decides to do a review session of every single item on Wanikani? If anyone actually ever attempts it that is. I feel like WK need some way of tracking this so they can send a reward to whoever is mad enough to do it. Or maybe encouraging something so mad is a bad idea…

Also a question either to the staff or to anyone that knows, what happens with burned items already reviewed? Do they ever reset, and if so how long does it take for them to reset?


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Does WK still time out the review session? Because that would mean doing reviews nonstop… :eyes:


If there is then I’m petitioning WK to remove it for this study mode


Good lord :joy: Well if I have a day off and want to cry a lot, I’ll think about it


At a pace of 100 reviews every 10 minutes, that would mean that all the 9060 items would take around 15h nonstop… and that’s assuming one can maintain the same speed I doubt



Any attempts of the ultimate challenge should be streamed!


And should cause the mode to be renamed to



It keeps track of your progress on the server. There’s no timeout, and it synchronizes across devices, so you don’t have to use the same computer/tablet/phone. Once you’ve reviewed everything, it restarts from the beginning.


So what you’re saying is if there’s more than one user logged in to the same account on different devices… :thinking:

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…then you’re technically violating TOS C.4 :firecracker:

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service without Tofugu’s express written permission.


It’s not a violation if you’re using kagebunshin no jutsu :wink:


That’s a violation, but 影分身之術 is okay


I should try this and stream on twitch.

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Yes. And frankly it’s absurdly short. I do reviews in the morning in between checking email, having coffee, and other activities and every time I come back to a session timeout I think, “Why does WK need to make these sessions so infuriatingly short?”


I’m not sure if it’s the reason, but because they only create a review record when both parts of a review item are answered correctly, they do have to maintain a bit of state for every user session. In a 100 review session, you could conceivably get quizzed on the reading of an item on the first page and then not see the meaning question for that item until the last page of the session when the record is finally saved (though from observation I suspect there’s a maximum number of intervening questions).

I’ve not tested what happens when a timeout occurs: does it forget half-answered items (potentially making you provide a reading/meaning twice in the same session) or does it actually remember the prior state? If the latter, it’s possible they push/retrieve state to/from secondary storage in order to free up memory.

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Half answered items should remain half answered. I’m not sure how long they remain like that, but I’ve timed out a review session and came back like 12 hours later in the past, and I remember those items still being half answered. Also I’m speaking entirely from my gut, but I feel like 24 hours is about the limit. I feel like in the past I’ve gotten one half of an item wrong, abandoned/timed out the session, and then when I came back to it over a day later, it had forgotten I got it wrong. But that’s entirely conjecture.

WK also tries to limit the number of half answered items in a session to 10 so that when you wrap up, you can complete all the current half answered items. This means that typically you can expect to get the two halfs of an item usually within about 5-15 reviews of each other, but I’ve definitely had some 50+ item sessions in the past where I’ve gotten quizzed on one half near the start, and then never saw the item again until the end.

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I’d forgotten about that. I’m sure that’s why it feels rare to go too long between each half of a pair. Though as you said, it does seem to happen.

I wonder if they do stage a timed-out session to disk.

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In my own reviews, I’ve never seen any consequence of the session timeout, neither in reviews nor extra study. In fact, I simply told my ad blocker to block the session overlay element, so it never pops up. It doesn’t actually stop you from continuing to do reviews if you hide or delete the overlay.

I’ll ask if it still serves a purpose, or if so, if there is any consequence to lengthening the timeout.


Oh it’s just an overlay?! I was convinced there was something going on in the backend to cancel the session, that’s really interesting.

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