The New Burned Items Extra Study Mode - A New Ultimate Challenge

As far as I know.


That’s funny, I did the same thing



I always thought the half answers were stored in the local cache of the browser/app and that is why if you switch browsers you it has no record of half answers. That would also explain why it would reset them after X amount of hours.


It mostly remembers the half answered items. I do believe there are instances though were it does not, although admittedly I haven’t done formal testing to prove. But the other factor is if you’ve passed the top of the hour then your item count likely increases when you refresh to start a new session, which I find somewhat demoralizing. I only had 23 reviews to go, now I have 48. Sob… Yes, I know it’s all the same, but it’s a mental thing.

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(I would have to do another 2713 reviews before knowing, so…)
Once you’re through, does it show which items you got wrong?
I think that would be great, giving the opportunity to resurrect everything (or the items you so choose) answered incorrectly :thinking:

(at this point I don’t see an option to show/view the items you got wrong from that burned session(s))

It only shows what you got right/wrong since you resumed the session, i.e. since you last clicked on the Extra Study Burned Items button. And you see the summary by clicking the Home button in the upper left corner.

But it seems there is currently an issue that causes the ‘wrong’ items to not show up.

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Speedrunning the burn items once you burned all of them!


Yes, I think speedrunning helps you assess how well you know items, especially Recent Lessons.

We have a lot of other new site features to add first, though. Exciting times!


oh thanks!
I didn’t realize you could get there using the home button! :smiley:

Since this was being discussed, I’ve been watching the behavior and I am in the middle of a pile of reviews where my session timed out a little over 2 hours ago, I came back to it and have been given two half answered items where I had answered the meanings and it asked for the meanings again.

It’s still unknown if I’d see this after a timeout wherein the latency between the timeout and refresh is shorter, but I’ve confirmed that it does not always remember previously answered items.

If Extra Study works the same as regular reviews, that’s because there is a 1 hour timeout on half-answered items… assuming I’m remembering correctly.

Just curious if the burned items actually come out of being burned if you get one wrong or not?

Think it would be good if you at least had the option to put it back to say “Guru” (if you wanted) upon getting an answer wrong.

No, they remain burned items and also they’re not put back in the queu for reviewing them again, so to do that you’ll have to wait until you clear them all to restart again :sweat_smile: