WaniKani Extra Study Burned Items

I just noticed this under the Extra Study section so this must of have recently added and I love that we can review all burned items. This is going to help so much, but the number of burned items is only going to grow as someone levels up from hundreds to thousands. I think it would be really nice when you click on burned items that it’s divided by level so if you only want to review level 1, or level 10-15 only you can just check mark how many levels of things you want to review that have already been burned. I feel that would make is less overwhelming when it comes to reviewing burned items. :smile_cat:

Would this be possible to do @Mods ?


Extra study for burned items seems to be live on the preview


Oh, it is, that’s really cool, I redact what I said


Yeah, I have a new button under Extra Study for burned items (which is currently at 0, so I can’t check how it works :expressionless: ). It’ll probably be super useful when I’m coming back to burned items to refresh my memory when that comes around.

But as the original post said, being able to go by level would probably help, or just by going from how long ago something was burned. (Again, can’t check how it works because my first burn review is in four months.)


Help, I’m scared :joy:


I did some and then walked away from it for a few minutes as it was starting to get mind numbing so it timed out and now says 457 of 613 Burned Items Left instead of 613 Burned Items. I do like that, but I still wish for the options to choose which levels and how many levels at a time.

Yeah if I saw 8997 I would be too scared to touch it too.


Ah, just like the other extra study categories, that’s definitely needed.

Imagine if you had to go through every item to get them all.

This is pretty scary.

We’re slowly releasing Burned Items in Extra Study for groups of users at a time. As of this week, it’s available for level 10 and below, and we’ll increase it to higher levels week by week-ish.

I’ll pass on your feedback about the numbers :+1:


S-sensei :flushed:

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I don’t see an option to review burned items in my Extra Study section, just the usual Recent Lessons and Recent Mistakes. How do I get to this option?

You can find it on https://preview.wanikani.com/ because I think they’re still testing it.
I’m personally waiting until they move it to the official server before looking at it.

I’m also equal parts tempted and terrified. It would be good to know what the logic is behind the 457/613 burned items left. Is that stuff already extra-studied in the last 24 hours? last week? Until all are passed?

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I did do some and have 457 left out of 613 then decided to do the rest of them just to see what happens. When I did all of them then it resets back to 613 burned items.

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Does this act like a new queue? Like, I have “1671 of 1675 Burned Items Left” after trying it out and doing 4 (or maybe 5 and getting 1 wrong, I think).

Does this mean if/when I get down to 0 of N burned items left then I won’t be able to use this feature anymore (until I burn more items)? Or do ‘extra studied’ burned items eventually get restored back into the queue? If so, how long does it take for them to get put back in? Is it that you have to get all the way to 0 before the whole queue gets refreshed back to N? If I get an extra-review wrong, does that item get re-queued at the end of the queue, or does it get shuffled into the queue randomly?

No once you do them all it resets back to 1675.

If I get a burned item wrong it just gives me another change to do it and then I get it right and move on.

Thanks Coding Fox. And it’s now appeared on my regular dashboard - thanks administrators! Alas, I have 1799 burned items to review… I guess I got what I wished for :grimacing:

Thank you for the new Extra Study features! Much appreciated.

I would like to be able to set the batch size when there’s a large number of items in the queue so it’s not so overwhelming. It’s not obvious to me how to exit from an Extra Study session once started.

(Since this thread is in Feedback, does that mean we don’t have to say @mods?)

There is a home button in the top left of the page.

If you are okay with using scripts, you can use this one:

Or you can use Reorder Omega which, aside from reordering, also allows you to limit the session length.


Thanks for this!

I have now installed the WaniKani Review Queue Limiter script.

For some reason the script didn’t seem to work the first couple of times I tried it (the number in the box turned red and didn’t register the new number when I tried to enter it), but after a couple of tries it started working as expected. Not sure what I was doing wrong before.

The home button at the top left of the page also works, but I find it an uncomfortable way to end the session.

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