The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Updated the release to use a PKG installer instead.

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I have installed now… but where am I supposed to find what? LOL

After installation it should automatically launch and show up in your menu bar. If not you can find it in your /Applications folder, named WaniKaniBar (or Launch it and it should go directly into your menu bar (but not into the dock at the bottom). I still need to fix the automatic launch on login feature.

:frowning: I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve tried to reinstall and nothing

Thanks! Wanikani scrips sort of work on Android and Firefox. Not exactly like on the PC but still useful for me.

I use ViolentMonkey instead of TamperMonkey through the FireFox add-ons. So far has any scripts work like on PC, but I admit I’m not running all the same ones on PC and phone.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question. I use TamperMonkey scripts now. Do I need a ViolentMonkey version of a script if I install it or does the same script runs on both monkeys?

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No, you wouldn’t need a different version of the script. ^^ Both TamperMonkey and ViolentMonkey are a framework to incorporate user scripts into a browser, so you can use the same scripts.

I don’t have experience with TamperMonkey on my phone, but with ViolentMonkey I install scripts the same was as I do on PC. Just use the download link in the thread of whatever WK script you’re eyeing.

As I said to someone else this morning: Open Framework has to be in the number 1 slot of the scripts, and I don’t know how to move scripts up or down in ViolentMonkey, so make sure to install Open Framework first if you’re thinking of switching to VM. (Could that possibly be a factor why your scripts are acting fussy in TamperMonkey right now? Sorry if you’ve brought it up before and if that was ruled out already.)

Hi guys!

I know there is an script that tells you when is your next burn item expected. I remember it put that info in a Pane in the Dashboard… but I cannot find it :frowning:
And I think tomorrow my first burned item is coming… :scream:

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So for some reason Chrome wiped all of my tampermonkey database yesterday and I lost 20+ scripts and since I’m an idiot sandwich I didn’t export any of them. Don’t think I’ll be able to get them all back, let alone the customizations I did to some of them like the font randomizer script etc.

Whhhyyyy Chrome :sob:

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Can’t you sync that kind of data? (for next time…)

Can I do that with Firefox?

I’ve I sync in a new browser, I get Tampermonkey, but non of my scripts…

I don’t even know if you can do it in Chrome. In a logical world it should though…

can anyone help me configure user scripts? I’m getting the following errors upon opening the console,

userscript.html?id=20e4e48c-623e-4e74-971a-cceaac3c02f7:97 GET 401 (Unauthorized)

You’d have to at least give us a list of the scripts you’re running, turn them on one at a time etc to see which one it is. Make it as easy as possible if you want help.

I think you’re using an APIv2 key with APIv1. So, whatever script that is, it needs your APIv1 key.

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This might not be the best place to ask this, but is there some kind of “how to create wanikani userscripts for dummies” somewhere around here? Or is the best option to just read the API documentation provided by WaniKani and just get my hands dirty with code?

What’s your starting point?
Do you know any javascript? Userscripts are just javascript injected into the page by TamperMonkey, so you pretty much just need to learn web programming to start writing userscripts. Beyond the Javascript itself, there’s just the script header that defines which pages to inject the javascript into.

If you’re wanting to do WK data-oriented stuff, the Open Framework simplifies a lot of the work for you. The [README file] on github has quite a few examples.

Beyond that, you’ll probably learn the most by browsing the code of userscripts that do something similar to what you want to do, and asking specific questions.


I’m a Java developer but I know some basic Javascript as well. I guess it’s better to learn from examples so I’ll browse other projects. :thinking:

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