[UserScript] Next Burn

Next Burn

Everybody is excited for his/her next burn. Me too. And I couldn’t find those information any where.

So today I finished up things at work, and decided that, hey, I got some free time, why not contribute something to the community. Hence I wrote Next Burn.




  • Show you the next day you get to burn things.
  • Don’t show you the definition (duh)
  • Works well with @Kumirei’s Expected Daily script. Dunno about other script.

Where to get it

Basically, here. It needs WK open framework too, so get those as well.


  • 1.0.0: First version (obviously broken).
  • 1.0.1: More easily readable date.
  • 1.0.2: Actually working version. :smile:


  • @Kumirei, where I get half of the code from.
  • @ukebox, where I get the other half of the code.
  • @rfindley, whose WKOF is awesome.

Next burn is October 1st? :wink:

Does the code auto-format the text based on region? If not, I’d recommend making the text auto-format, making it configurable, displaying it as YYYY-MM-DD, or displaying it in full as January 10, 2019 (is that a universal format?). One of those (if you haven’t already done this).


Yup, updated in version 1.0.1. :joy:


It’s nice to know when i will have my first burn. Thanks for the script! :durtle_noice:


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Nice to see it works even on dark theme. I didn’t even test witht it :sweat_smile:.

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I love it!

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Maybe you want to say “Now” or the next upcoming burn, or something else when the next burn is currently available? I got confused by this before I realised what it meant


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my next burn is 2 days ago :thinking:


don’t know what happened here, as I don’t have any reviews to do.


I’m back to WK for the foreseeable future, so I’m hunting down bug for this as well as migrating this to V2 soon. If anybody see a bug, please let me know.

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