The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

@Kumirei @seanblue The removed useless panels were shown again after I installed self-study quiz scripts. Is it possible to still hide those panels while using self study quiz?

Edit 1: Strange! Idk what I did, but those useless panels were hidden again. Maybe because I reordered the scripts on my Tampermonkey dashboard? Never mind my question then. Sorry for the noise.

I had a quick look and couldn’t see anything in the other scripts which would interfere with removing the panels. Also installed the self-study script myself to check, and am not experiencing any issues. Maybe it was just a hick up in the loading of the scripts.

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Do you know if and when Viet’s One Kanji a Day will be fixed?

I do not my friend.

Perhaps @viet can give you an update. :grin:

I’ll try to ask, thanks anyway though!

I’ll take a look sometime this week. I think an API the app is using broke or something.

Thanks @viet ! It would be fantastic if it works again.

Sorry for the delay. The site is back up now.


I can’t seem to find this… All I see is a history button which shows previous edits, but doesn’t let me edit myself :thinking:


Edit: ha nevermind, I just received the Member badge, which seems to allow editing wiki pages…


There is also an edit button at the bottom of the post

is there any thing that can do some, if not all of the following:

1-keeps track of your wrong reviews and keeps them in one place to review at a later time.
2-provides distinct and helpful sentences for wrong reviews.
3-shows kanji or vocabulary that may be confused because of subtle differences in kanji and meaning like 屋上 and 屋根/ 湯気 and 陽気.
4-shows an anime or drama clip where the vocabulary is used (one can only dream :sweat_smile:)

please and thank you :smiley:

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Hi, it looks like I can’t edit the wiki post because I don’t have the member badge maybe? Someone above mentioned that, and I can’t see any edit button.

Can someone please update this line

  • Dashboard Level Progress Detail by hitechbunny: provides a comprehensive srs-stage overview of your vocab, radicals, and kanji… So you will always see progress on your bars after a lesson or review.

to be

  • Dashboard Level Progress Detail by hitechbunny, updated by BlazzBolt: provides a comprehensive srs-stage overview of your vocab, radicals, and kanji so you will always see progress on your bars after a lesson or review. An updated version of the script to use WKOF and add a 90% progress marker.


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On my old computer, I had a script installed which would allow me to mark answers as correct/incorrect, rewrite answers, go into lightening mode and would delay skipping to the next item after getting an answer wrong for a few seconds. It was amazing and I really want to install it again, but I just couldn’t find it in the above list. Could someone help me out? I’d be ever obliged and would provide all of the cookies!

I think you’re referring to Double-Check by rfindley. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was, thank you so much!!

I took one of the existing Mac menubar applications on Github, bgriffith/WaniKaniBar, and updated it to get everything working a bit better. It’s simple but effective: showing the time until next reivew with an optional notificiation when the reviews are available. I created a Github release with the changes, if anyone is interested. If there are other features people are interested in I can look at adding them in my spare time. Leave issues on Github or comments here.


I cannot unzip it… I get an error :frowning:

On my PC I have a backlog of vocab reviews. I’m still on the 1 level/week track for kanji :slight_smile:
Now I also would like to have Ultimate Reorder 2 for my Android. Does anybody know whether it’s available for a Wanikani app? Or is it possible to install tampermonkey and Ultimate reorder for Chrome on Android. I tried but somehow I don’t get it :frowning:

I heard Tampermonkey can only be used on Firefox on Android, but I’m not really sure.