The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Thank you!

Edit : Wait… Is there a way to make it only do this when I answer correctly? Is that a separate userscript? I don’t want it to auto-expand if I answer incorrectly.

Errr… that’s a good point. But I couldn’t find any other similar user script.

That’s okay. Thanks for trying! I’ll keep looking and I’ll probably keep using this one for now. Thanks for your help.

Oh wait, found it!

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OMG yay!! Thank you so much @plantron! <3

Your welcome. But it’s not exactly 100% what you were looking for? You wanted the whole item info to expand, but that script only shows you the context sentence, if I read it correctly.

Ah, I just saw that. Yeah, not exactly what I’m after but I do like the functionality of this one as well and I will still use it.

Would still prefer to also have a correct-answer-only-auto-expander, though.

woah looks good

Found the opposite of what you want LOL

Haha. Poo.

On the bright side, I’ve done several reviews with the context sentence one that you provided that I wasn’t even looking for and it really is helping! So I fully appreciate your efforts nonetheless.

Here’s a one-line fix in the code for the “Item Info AutoExpander” script to make it only open when the answer is correct:

    var oldEvaluate = answerChecker.evaluate;
    answerChecker.evaluate = function(e,t) {

        // Add the following line to make it only open when answer is correct
        if (!$('#answer-form fieldset').hasClass('correct')) return oldEvaluate(e,t);

        // add listener to disable scroll
        window.addEventListener('scroll', noscroll);

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Edit : Of course, works flawlessly.

As you can see from my previous post, it WAS working. When I went to do my next batch of reviews after that, it wasn’t working anymore (as in not expanding at all, regardless of whether I answered correctly or not). I couldn’t figure out why as I didn’t change anything. I thought maybe some of my other userscripts were messing with it, so I disabled every one of them except the Info AutoExpander. Still didn’t work. Is something wrong in my code? Anything else I can try?

I see what I did wrong. Here’s a much cleaner version:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        WaniKani Item Info Expander
// @namespace   mvi
// @description Expands item info automatically without scrolling. Based on script by Takuya Kobayashi, with help from Mempo and rfindley.
// @include
// @include
// @version     0.22
// @run-at      document-end
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

(function () {
    'use strict';

    function noscroll() {
        window.scrollTo( 0, 0 );

    var oldEvaluate = answerChecker.evaluate;
    answerChecker.evaluate = function(e,t) {
        var answer =,e,t);

        if (answer.passed) {
            // add listener to disable scroll
            window.addEventListener('scroll', noscroll);

            // expand item info
            setTimeout(function () {
            }, 100);

            // Remove listener to disable scroll
            setTimeout(function () {
                window.removeEventListener('scroll', noscroll);
            }, 1000);

        return answer;

    console.log('WaniKani Item Info Expander: script load end');


Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me. It will help me out a lot!

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I don’t have! Waaaaah~

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This was extremely helpful. I’ve a lot to gain from this.

Thank you for putting this together!

Anyone know which is the most current ‘wrong answer override’ script right now?
Just got 告 wrong by inputting ‘announcement’ and realized I’m sick of this crap. :rage: