The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

ShotgunLagoon said...


updated Aug 9, 2015
-added WaniKani Custom Color Style by RayderBlitz to userstyles
 Whoops, just noticed this bit here.
Didn't know that you included or planned to include that kind of 3rd party bits as well.

But while I'm at it I'll just virulently discriminate against you:
○ You linked to hoovard's fridge magnet script instead of the actual userstyle thread.
○ In some comment (iirc it was an answer post to one of my styles or in a thread I linked one of them) I read that greasemonkey also seems to be able to utilize the styles - was too lazy to look into it myself though.

And to make up for my mean attacks on your personality, I'll bribe you with these links just in case:
"Simple Dark Userstyle": /t/Simple-dark-Userstyle/9032/1
"KaniWani Custom/Dark Style": /t/KaniWani-CustomDark-Style-post-overhaul/9279/1
And the thread famous for its fitting example screenies: /t/WaniKani-Custom-Color-Style-Eternal-Early-Access-○P/8859/1