The most hilarious WK mnemonics

On paper, we’re on WK to learn the language and to put hard work into studying. But we’re all really here for the mnemonics, right? Right?? Some of these are actually just solid gold. And as hilarious they may be, they work, which seems almost illegal in the face of traditional schooling :sweat_smile:

Feel free to share screenshots and stories about your most hysterical WK mnemonic experiences here. I’ll start us off with the ‘blood’ radical:


japanese blood jokes :sneezing_face:

YES! The WK mnemonics are just brilliant. It’s what inspired me to want to draw them all.
(They’re here if you’re curious: WK Mnemonic "Art" for Kanji Levels 1-7 (Radical Levels 1-10))

Mrs. Chou’s and Koichi’s appearances have always struck me as hilarious. WaniKani is its own little world with its own little characters.


For me, the mental image of Koichi fighting Godzilla in one of them will always be my favourite.


The mnemonic for the radical ‘thread’.

My personal favourite so far


I had to completely ignore this mnemonic because I was typing hyuck instead of hyack.


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