Creating Peresonal Mnemonics

Hey everyone! I have just started using Wanikani again after moving to Japan about two months ago (boy do I regret not staying consistent with my grammar and Kanji studies) and have been having a lot of fun with the personal Mnemonics.

I find that I really like to rotate between making mnemonics that are funny and that stick with me, really really dark mnemonics, and others that are more personal to me. I was just curious for anyone else if creating your own mnemonics has been helpful or if you prefer to use the ol WKEU (WaniKani Extended Universe) mnemonics.

If you do create your own what type of mnemonics do you enjoy creating or find the most helpful? Do you like to create consistent characters to help you remember?
Sorry for all the questions!
I look forward to hopefully staying on track and meeting you guys!

I do all the time as I do not prefer to use Koichi for all kou.
To be honest, miss Chou works well on most cases…

I kind of agree! I end up throwing out Kou a little too often when I am unsure of the Kanji name. Mrs Chou is always a memorable character though.

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One of my favorite things about WK is that it provides predefined stories so I don’t have to think up one of my own if I don’t want to.

Not sure why, but a recent favorite of my own was imagining Sylvester Stallone saying “Yo (よう) Adrian” to remember the reading for 要 (need).


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