The long and winding immersion path to WaniKani level 60

Ah, I misunderstood the other entry then. I thought you started using WK at 26 so you would be 27 by now.


Well, I’ve described my journey fully in my OP post here. But, basically 15 years went by before WK came into the picture. :sweat_smile:


Congratulations on reaching level 60!



Enjoy the smörgåstårta, I had that at my “student” (swedish graduation from high school-ish) so I think it’s very suitable for level 60, thanks for the idea.

We’re both swedish and found WaniKani through "Life Where I’m From"´s video on why he still sucks at Japanese :smiley:

Spara lite tårta till mig!

EDIT: Where did you go to language café? I live in Stockholm and would love to go to one.

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It’s amazing that you also happened to find WK from “life Where I’m From”. I do love that channel. ^>^ <3

I live in Göteborg so that’s where I went to språkcafé. But, I mean, there must be something similar in Sthlm? :eyes:

googles a bit

Yup! You do have a Japanese language cafe. ^>^

Språkcafé (pub) på japanska / Let’s speak Japanese (and Swedish)! « Japanska Föreningen i Stockholm

But, from what little I read, it doesn’t seem like Japanskaföreningen are arranging activities as normal. You’ll have to contact them for details likely going forward into 2021.


Congrats on reaching level 60! That cake looks divine!


Thank you! :grin:

So I finally took time to update my stats on my lv 60 post for anyone that’s interested to see the change from 2 months ago, the “height of madness” that I’ve come to think of it. :rofl:

Right now, I’m taking my time reviewing a bit. I read a lot more and I’ve started in on Michiel Kamermans’ “An introduction to Japanese - Syntax, Grammar & Language” to up my grammar knowledge.

Overall, I’m back to just having fun with Japanese.

I have started a project to check back on some of my early burned items, to see if I still remember them. Turns out not 100%. :expressionless:

Well, I’m not surprised by that. If it’s not a word I’ve used much since the burn, there’s no guarantee to remember the rendaku, exact meaning taught by WK or something else that might trip you up. :woman_shrugging:

Anyone curious about my work on burned items can visit my study blog where I’ve described how I’m going about this. :slight_smile: (SPOILER: it involves the fabulous Item Inspector-script)


Since I had to sort of look up my own title, not at all (lies)! lol, but yeah, might as well give you an invite when I’m at it! <3 @Iinchou


Grattis, finns inte många svenskar här av vad jag kunnat utröna.

"Unbelievable! I never thought someone at my age could actually learn kanji. "

Sounds like you’re in your 90’s. May I ask how old you are, now I’m quite curious. A ball park would be fine.

Well…if you must…less born in the 90s and more 80s…that way having 15 years of pre-WK studies when I got onboard makes more sense I think. :slight_smile:

In the end though, it’s all about time spend I feel. Don’t get too hung up on efficiency as you’re not a robot. Just do the things that interests you right now.

In the end, if you just keep pursuing Japanese, you’ll end up learning. :slight_smile:


I only stumbled on this thread now. It contains quite some usefull userscripts I wasn’t aware of. Thanks!
Of those that I didn’t have yet, Item Inspector seems to be particularly great!

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Glad you found something of use in this thread. ^^ Yeah, I think the item inspector is very helpful for going after items that you struggle with.

Good luck with your studies! :high_touch:

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@Zakarius You asked if you could still help out with the anime clubs and reruns. I realized today there is this issue I didn’t knew existed before.

Could you and me look and see if there are hidden pages/sheets to any of the vocab lists that I’ve linked/made for anime clubs?

From the looks of it, I copies a book club (after invitation to do so), then my own and then my own anime club…but in so doing, there were some stuff left behind that’s interfering now in the creation of new vocab sheets.

Well, I have already dealt with that issue by copying a cleared vocab sheet for future use, BUT, what about the other anime clubs I was involved with?

I just want to put them to rights.

I was hoping you’d might be able to take a look, using the “show all sheets feature” and then delete all the vocab sheets that aren’t part of the respective clubs.

I think the numbering should give them away. (As it did for me when I did it)

But it’s not clear, let’s just chat about it on here and I can also check it out! :+1:

It would still be great to pass off some of the actual doing as it was not…that quickly done for 1 book/anime club. (show all sheets, choose, click, then delete that specific one, then repeat for all others)

Just say no if you don’t want any part of this. It’s fine really. I won’t think less of you. Eventually, I’ll get round to it, to check where and how the hidden sheets appeared whether they

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Sure, I can help you out! But I won’t be able to so until Friday (basically just got a load of work dumped on me that needs to be done by then so I won’t have any free time). But after then I’ll be able to have a look :+1:

I’m a little confused though, so I just need to look through the sheets for anything that may be left over from the bookclub-copy? So anything not to do with the respective anime?

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You’re the best Zakarius! ^>^ Considering how long it’s been like this, it’s really no rush as such.

Exactly this. The real vocab sheets follow naturally the number of episodes. While the hidden ones I found had names or “chapter #”. That should set them apart in the anime clubs for sure. :slight_smile:

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Clubs done: wiki post
Cowboy Bebop
Shirokuma Café
Vision of Escaflowne
Kino’s Journey
Saezuru tori wa habatakanai

ALL DONE! :tada:

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Managed to get everything done quicker than I thought, so had a quick look at the sheets.

Shirokuma and Mushishi have both been cleaned up! :+1:

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Thank you so much.


I got Oishinbo fixed as well. I guess, that just leaves Kino’s Journey. I should be able to manage it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

It’s still a mystery what all that stuff was to me! :joy:

Maybe Saezuru as well? :thinking:

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I just used the Japanese-title-ones as free reading practice :laughing:

Saezuru? I don’t even remember that one.

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