The long and winding immersion path to WaniKani level 60

Well Saezuru was a proper manga/book club, not an anime club. Did Escaflowne have a vocab sheet? And Tylor? Did I help out in any way there? I just can’t remember. XD

Edit. I guess Tylor didn’t have one, but Escaflowne does. That another to check some other night. ^^;

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That’s why I don’t recognise that one. I just checked Escaflowne too, the only additional sheet was the mysterious “Sheet 12” with nothing on it, so that’s all done now too.

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Great job and thanks again for lending a hand! :slight_smile:

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Wow, that is an amazing cake! Thanks for sharing the recipe and that’s totally something I’d try.

How’s your Japanese journey gone in the last year?

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Thanks! :blush: I hope you give it a try! :birthday:

As for where I’m now, I’ve been going back to immersion learning mostly, as I did originally. For example, participating in/and organizing anime/manga clubs. The latest one was joining a light novel book club. That’s been a big step for me at least. :slight_smile:

I feel like not having access to WK since my subscription ran out has been a bit of a missed opportunity. Not because I wanted to burn the last 20-ish % of the last available items, but because, I could do with an easy way of refreshing my memory once in a while; you just don’t encounter all kanji anymore.

It’s always a bit sad to realize I don’t remember kanji learnt on WK, or I’m just not sure enough to keep on reading, but have to look it up. I knew this would happen as it’s inevitable, but still a bit frustrating.

My attempts at improving my grammar hasn’t really gone anywhere. I guess, as my life is right now, I don’t wanna read textbooks or grammar explanations. :thinking: There’s also the fact that I don’t have a language goal where I need to improve my grammar that much, for example getting a job and use Japanese professionally. I just wanna enjoy Japanese media and I’m already being able to do so. :slight_smile:

I guess, just having fun listening to drama CDs, watching anime and reading manga/light novels means I’ve gotten plenty of use going through with WK. ^>^

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