Just did my final lessons, AMA (A level 60 post)

I recently guru’d all of the kanji for level 60 and did every lesson. I’m sure there’ll eventually be more, though. I would write a post reflecting on my journey, but I don’t feel like that. Instead, I’ll do this in an AMA style. Feel free to ask my any questions about my WaniKani journey or learning Japanese, and I’ll try to answer them.

Here are my stats:


Congratulations! :tada:

Also, Happy Cakeday (aka WaniKaniversary)! :cake: :yum:


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:


Since this is an AMA, what other study materials did you use alongside wanikani and at your current level, how much do you understand of what you read (in books/manga/articles/etc)?


At what point do you think you were able to put your skills to actual use without assistance? For example, reading a certain book (Elementary, middle, high school). Or say playing a video game in Japanese, reading manga, watching anime/videos in Japanese.

Outside of WaniKani, I originally was going through Bunpro and read Genki, but I kinda fell off of those after a while. So right now, in terms of resources, it’s just WaniKani. I also started doing an Anki deck of words/kanji I find in the wild.

In terms of reading, I’m mainly doing manga and video games. I think I first started around level 5. It was really painful at first, since I wasn’t understanding that much. However, right now, I’d say that I’m probably around 80-90% comprehension. I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress so far. I would definitely start doing immersion sooner rather than later. It’ll probably be really scary when you first start out, and you might not think that you’re ready, but you’ll never start if you wait until you feel ready. Just take the first steps and start reading. Even if you don’t understand much at first, with persistence, it will all start to click. I think my biggest piece of advice would be to just consume media you already would, but in Japanese.


100% agree. It’s better to start “too early” and with low expectations rather than make a huge deal out of it and never start because it’s too hard.


Without assistance? I still can’t. I still consult a dictionary quite often, and I expect it to stay that way for quite a while. However, if I don’t use a dictionary, I’d say I can understand enough to get the general gist of going on, just missing a few words. However, when those words are important, I tend to get quite lost. It also highly depends on the material. Some are much harder than others. For example, I recently finished Spy x Family, and thought it was quite difficult. However, I recently started Chainsaw Man, and I can understand a lot more of it.


Do you still hate 解 as much as you did 1 year ago?

Or has a new kanji taken it’s place?


I am sorry… Forgive my past transgressions… I was so foolish…