The JLPT 2021 Thread (RESULTS OUT NOW!)

Can I sign up for 2 JLPT at the same time?

I’m thinking about signing up for N3 and N2 and see how far can I go at the end of November.

The tests are all at the same time so you wouldn’t be able to take both. Idk if they’d notice that the same person is signed up for two if you used different profiles though.


Yeah, the idea is I just want to sign up for both of them and see which one I would like to take later.

I’m not really confident if I would be ready for N2 before December but I’m not giving up on it yet.
I think I should give them a call and ask them directly, whether they allow it or not.


Yup, this is the way you do it.
You can take as much signins as you want in as much places as you want. They don’t punish you for absence during the test.
In my case, this helped me to take it this July, since it was cancelled on my local site due to you-know-what. So I had to take it on another one - thankfully to myself-4month-ago who was prudent enough to foresee such a scenario and register wherever it was feasible for me to physically reach. Eventually, 1 of 4 sites refused to register me remotely, 2 more cancelled the test just in the last week before the date, but last one was a bingo.

Still, of course you should confirm such a wild schemes with your own exam authorities.


OK I finally asked them and they said “Yeah why not just pay us twice lol”


Debating on signing up for the N3, I think I can pass it but at the same I have my doubts about my abilities haha. I might just wait til next year and sign up for the N2 instead… covid permitting, of course.


But I saw you reading 90 pages/day. Of Murakami :no_mouth:


For anyone in the UK looking for JLPT exam centres operating this December, there is a chance University College Dublin will be holding the exam. I got this response to an email query last week:

Our plan is to hold the next exam in December 2021, but we will have to monitor the situation and various restrictions regarding the pandemic.

We would like to make a decision in September. Please check back then.


Hey, I have a question to which i can’t find the answer anywhere.

Is it possible to take a jlpt level again which i have already passed?
for example to booster up the points and not just passing by 2 point or something.

people in my study group just registered to the jlpt in copenhagen (they will travel there from germany) and I feel kind of left out :confused:
but i’m not good enough for N1 level yet, so i was thinking about taking N2 again…

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You certainly can do that. I’ve seen people retaking N1. I don’t think they check your application against a database anyway.


I got the same response from Dublin a few months ago, so I’m glad to see that they haven’t ruled it out just yet! I live in England, so have already arranged to stay with family in Ireland, just in case!

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Other countries
The online Test Results Announcement for the JLPT 2021(July) is available for viewing from 10:00 am on August 23 (Mon) to 5:00 pm on October 31 (Sun) (Japan Time) 2021.


(Also in Poland December 2021 date was cancelled.)


Do they have an explanation? I’ve checked the stats and it doesn’t seem that bad (yet).

I really hope they won’t cancel it here, I want an N2 before I try N1, because that also counts toward the highly skilled professional visa.


I know this is an old post, but if it’s any comfort, the DELF-DALF exams for French are only held twice a year in Singapore as well, and according to the Éducation Française Bay Area site (the organisation is based in the US), only three sessions are organised per year per level in their area, excluding supplementary sessions for specific groups of people. Perhaps it’s also possible that there just aren’t that many people dedicated to the setting and marking of JLPT papers to begin with, so conducting tests more frequently isn’t that feasible?

You definitely can. Some language tests ban people from retaking a level once they’ve been certified to have that level, but for the JLPT, you can retake it to improve your score or for any other reason, as far as I know. There are no restrictions.

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Nope. I assume it’s just a 4th wave precaution.
It’s a national thing, media are also already talking about remote learning for schools after the summer vacation.
In the past, we had a history of panic during fall/winter months and a full relaxation during summer months. So I think everyone assumes this time would be the same.

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Yes, the same for us. Except that the government now communicates that they did everything they could (vaccinated everyone who wanted), so I don’t think that they will close down everything again. But universities/companies still can decide otherwise. Eg. the Japan Foundation library is still much more cautious than the rest of the country (they require masks, etc.)

Now I’m really tempted to register for the JLPT in Brno. They already have the registration form open, and foreigners will have to pay on-site…
(I’d rather pay beforehand though so if I don’t go after all I don’t feel like cheating…)


It’s different here, then. Government seems absolutely ready to lock things, they are only debating about how exactly to do it (restrictions for all or only for the anti-vax? maybe compulsory vaccines? but they don’t want to make anti-vax mad… so maybe just lock everything again?).
And the masks are still required indoors here everywhere, people just stopped wearing them. At first I thought I missed some announcement.
And closing schools for children, as in elementary/high schools, seems like a realistic option.
And I checked one Japanese language school out of curiosity and they only opened online courses for the next term, they aren’t even considering doing anything on-site.

I saw a meme recently which went:
Seasons then: spring, summer, autumn, winter
Seasons now: lockdown, summer, lockdown, lockdown

So, taking all above into the consideration, I absolutely wasn’t surprised that they cancelled December.

That sounds convenient! But I guess you’re also right about the second part.
Although I would probably worry about ever-changing rules for crossing borders and about rules for the hotels (which are also often closed here at least).

But the fact that they cancelled here doesn’t mean they have to cancel elsewhere, especially since the general atmosphere seems to be different?

I understand the temptation, though, if you are planning to go for a visa soon :confused:


Now that I informed myself on r/hungary I saw that everyone is expecting lockdowns after the Hunting and Nature Exhibition (because obviously we need visitors for that one, so the virus won’t spread until it ends).

Yeah, looks like this one exactly. :((

Yeah, this one will probably make it impossible.
I wrote to the organiser in Hungary, maybe they have some info already, they just haven’t posted it yet on the website, and if the answer is a definitve no, then I’ll try to go for the Brno one.

If I write in small letters my current boss won’t see this. Hey Boss, I definitely don’t plan to go anywhere.
I am in no hurry though, even if I had a job offer, they don’t issue new visas. I just plan to eventually (in a few years? I hope covid will end in a few years) go back to Japan, and be as prepared as I can.


Any idea what time they usually open registration at? If it’s gonna be limited I’m worried it’s gonna be tough to secure a spot.


I’ve never taken the test before so I don’t know. I’d guess that wasn’t important information until the pandemic. But maybe a test veteran on here knows.
Also, since I’ve posted that, DC now has a test (Georgetown University) and Las Angeles has a TBA location. No other changes.

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