The JLPT 2021 Thread (RESULTS OUT NOW!)

Yes, it’s possible. I passed N2 with 94 points in 2018, and in 2020 I wanted to see how much I improved and took it again.


Impressive increase :blush:


Gonna try N3 even though I probably won’t pass lol
Got N4 10 years ago and I barely made it, but now that I got back to studying I want to yolo on N3 and see how it goes, just for fun.


Soo… I just learned from a colleague that quarantines are starting again, because a fully vaccinated person died of the new Covid variant. Do you know whether JLPT centers around the world might impose any restrictions because of this?


So bummed they’re not having the test in either Portland or Seattle this year :frowning: - was planning on taking it in December but don’t want to have to fly somewhere to take it. Hopefully next year!


Same. They also cancelled the test in the winter time for Columbus, Ohio, as well. Just gives me more time to study for the N3 next summer in July.


Makes sense - best of luck with N3 :slight_smile:

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There has been a new update!
Even more sites have been canceled or only certain test levels allowed.

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Thanks for letting me know, looks like registration will start at 9 PDT as well, really hope I can get a spot I’ve been wanting to take the test again.

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Thanks! I think it was mostly because of Kumon. I started it in the beginning of 2020 and it was my only study tool for last year.
Well, and for this year, too. I finished Kumon nihongo last year, and I’m doing Kumon kokugo this year. Let’s see how much it helped on N1, which we should have results next Monday. Although I’m still in the middle stages of Kumon, and N1 test was difficult so I’m sure I didn’t pass :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like the changes are:

  • Ann Arbor (canceled)
  • Chicago (only N1,N2,N3)
  • Honolulu (only N1, N2)
  • Los Angeles (location still TBD. only N1, N2)
  • New York (canceled)
  • San Francisco (canceled)
    So only 6 places in the US are scheduled to offer the N4 & N5

The updated site list is:


N2? I see this post was in Jan. 2021?

I want to take the N1 in July 2022 so I figure i need to start doing practice exams starting…yesterday…lol. And be ready to pass the N2 by December.

Are you still studying for the exam?

What independent learning tools do you recommend?


I was planning on trying N3 in Los Angles, but the website says only N1 and N2 will be offered at this site. I guess I could try N2, but i’m not super confident in my N2 level reading. I’m almost level 20 in wanikani and would only be like at like 65% of the N2 kanji by the time the test rolls around. I was planning on taking N2 next year if N3 went well. Not sure if I should bite the bullet and see how badly I do on N2 this year.


Now down to five US locations offering N4/N5 (and only six for N3) – Boulder, CO dropped off the list today. No remaining N3/N4/N5 sites anywhere west of Arkansas!

Possibly one remaining Canadian location in Edmonton, unless they just haven’t announced their own cancellation yet.

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Do most people take the JLPT because they have to for a specific reason, such as getting a job in Japan, or just for personal reasons like testing themselves for fun? I’m sure it’s a mix but with so much talk of these tests I’m wondering whether most people who do it actually “have to.”

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I for one “have to” because if I pass JLPT N3+, it would open many possibility for my career.

Now I’m aiming at JLPT N2. I will see if I could be able to pass it at the end of November. Otherwise, I will just take N3 test.


I’m going to take the N1 for the first time in december.
I have almost zero confidence, mostly because of vocab… where’s my wanikani N1 DLC pack? :T
although since I’m not in a hurry I think I rather fail the first time and then do well on my next attempt, than barely pass on my first try because I got lucky


Good luck. I hope I could say the same phrase next year. :sweat_smile:


On anki or that fox website probably?


A lot of life things happened and while I’m not actively studying for the exam, I know that I’m still gonna aim for the N2 at some point in the near future. Maybe when this is all over :man_shrugging:

Like I said in my previous post, I’m just maintaining my proficiency and that’s pretty much going well :ok_hand:

For the N2, I’m a big fan of Shin Kanzen for textbooks when it comes to reading and grammar. Then for additional grammar ('cause one source is never enough):

Your level in WK is already good to go for N2 in terms of kanji, if you get to level 60, that’s already just a bonus :slightly_smiling_face:

For vocab, you’re really just gonna need to SRS a lot, so PLEASE DON’T USE ANKI OMG YOU POOR SOUL :sob: I used Kitsun which is much better and there’s so much to it + more to come, but…uh…gotta be honest, I’m part of the team so that’s probably sounding biased and I feel like I have to stop at “I used Kitsun and I loved it, it worked for me” :joy:

For listening, I’m not sure if there are tools yet for it that have been considered really really helpful so it’s unfortunately the good ol’ podcasts + anime with jp or no subs.