The JLPT 2021 Thread (RESULTS OUT NOW!)

Do most people take the JLPT because they have to for a specific reason, such as getting a job in Japan, or just for personal reasons like testing themselves for fun? I’m sure it’s a mix but with so much talk of these tests I’m wondering whether most people who do it actually “have to.”

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I for one “have to” because if I pass JLPT N3+, it would open many possibility for my career.

Now I’m aiming at JLPT N2. I will see if I could be able to pass it at the end of November. Otherwise, I will just take N3 test.


I’m going to take the N1 for the first time in december.
I have almost zero confidence, mostly because of vocab… where’s my wanikani N1 DLC pack? :T
although since I’m not in a hurry I think I rather fail the first time and then do well on my next attempt, than barely pass on my first try because I got lucky


Good luck. I hope I could say the same phrase next year. :sweat_smile:


On anki or that fox website probably?


A lot of life things happened and while I’m not actively studying for the exam, I know that I’m still gonna aim for the N2 at some point in the near future. Maybe when this is all over :man_shrugging:

Like I said in my previous post, I’m just maintaining my proficiency and that’s pretty much going well :ok_hand:

For the N2, I’m a big fan of Shin Kanzen for textbooks when it comes to reading and grammar. Then for additional grammar ('cause one source is never enough):

Your level in WK is already good to go for N2 in terms of kanji, if you get to level 60, that’s already just a bonus :slightly_smiling_face:

For vocab, you’re really just gonna need to SRS a lot, so PLEASE DON’T USE ANKI OMG YOU POOR SOUL :sob: I used Kitsun which is much better and there’s so much to it + more to come, but…uh…gotta be honest, I’m part of the team so that’s probably sounding biased and I feel like I have to stop at “I used Kitsun and I loved it, it worked for me” :joy:

For listening, I’m not sure if there are tools yet for it that have been considered really really helpful so it’s unfortunately the good ol’ podcasts + anime with jp or no subs.


quietly…very quietly…slides this link over

Your WK N1 DLC pack

Omake Gif Anime - Demi-chan wa Kataritai - Episode 5 - Hikari Peeks


Just for myself, to see how much I improved. I already got a job in a Japanese company, and although improving my Japanese to also improve the communication is good, it’s not like I need any certificate for a job. At least for now.


Interesting! What kind of career is it if I may ask? Is the N3 the bottom requirement?

I remember reading somewhere on the forums here that Japan actually has very high JLPT requirements for regular jobs so I was afraid I might have to study for quite a while still before even trying the JLPT.

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My background is a civil engineer with master degrees in structural design and project management. I just grew tried of engineering job. Specificly, the design and site management jobs. I want to expand my career opportunity so JLPT would open a new path for me in civil engineering like sales person, international contractor, etc.

N3 is the bottom requirement to work wih Japanese company or anything related to that in my country (Thailand). If I want to persue an international job I need at least N2 JLPT. I have a relatively high IELTS score with 8.0+ score in every part. So if I pass the JLPT test, I think I should be able to find a desirable job after the pandemic end.

It’s also my dream since I was a kid that I want to be able to speak at least 5 langauges lol. So Japanese should be a good third langauge to learn. Since I’m a weeb already.


Even locals cant pay it atm, they will decide on payment date for us in middle of October, so i feel like lots of people wont commit and will just ghost them at the end.
I wouldnt feel that bad registering just to be sure and eventually letting them know that you wont come, its unrealistic that everyone registred will really come in this situation and having deadline for registering in September really leaves people fked when sites start cancelling in October/November.

Im planning on measly N4 in Brno this year, so let me know if you decide to register


Thank you!
I somehow never even heard of that site and I’ve been studying for like 8 years

I’m not a super fan of learning japanese with translations (yet I’m on WK… I know),
but I think this will help a lot for N1. The vocab is pretty obscure so I can’t expect to find it on the wild often enough for it to stick.

let’s hope 3 months is enough to make some good progress


I found the N5 to be VERY FRUSTRATING due to its lack of kanji. Perhaps WaniKani can help you go from “random string of hiragana” to “words, particles and conjugations”… But I was so used to reading a balanced script, mixing kanji and hiragana, that I actually hyperventilated during the N5 due to sudden “kanji withdrawal” (and the meaning that I had apparently been relying heavily upon). :disappointed_relieved: I should have practice more reading text without kanji. But also, my listening skills were low, so I didn’t the verbal portion freaking out, also. Good luck to you, mav. Hopefully we can take it in December!


Well…I guess that decides me for whether I will try for N4 or N3 in Chicago, LOL. I’m very nervous, because I only have a Dec2018 N5 FAIL under my belt… I really want a pass. Seeing that 94 pass on N2 by leandroeidi made me feel hopeful (for maybe passing N3, but only if I start right now cramming on grammar) and horrible (just how badly did I DO on the N5!!!)


I see. My background is quite different, it seems. I used to be a biologist/biochemist and now I’m a software developer/DevOps.

I think this was mentioned as well, but supposedly in IT the JLPT requirements are a little lower. Still, I would like to go for at least N3 next year and if possible above that a couple of years from now.

My dream since I was a kid was to speak Japanese fluently and eventually move to Japan :smiley: .


Ugh, was gonna take the N4 in Boulder! I did use to live in Philly/Atlanta so could always go back, but maybe just aim for N3/N2 next year?


I’m actually curious about this. Does it get better at N4 level and above? Does the expected vocabulary match the kanji well?

I’m currently reading a book for kids to ramp up on vocabulary, but the kana-to-kanji ratio is an absolute torture, because sometimes I really don’t know what the author is trying to say :stuck_out_tongue: .

Grammar wise it’s around N4, rarely using N3 grammar patterns.


Personally I was a bit annoyed by the lack of kanji at N4 too :sweat_smile: Since we’re around the same level, you might feel the same

probably then


That’s amazing career path! I want to shift my path as well lets see what’s the future has in store for me.

Yeah I felt that too when I read the children story. It that moment I realized the important of kanji in Japanese langauge.


How much harder is the N2 vs the N3 for people who have taken it? I know the passing score is kind of low, so there is a chance that with a lot of study and a little luck I might pass it. I did some listening for N2 and it was very easy, but the reading section there are still many kanji I didn’t recognize so some of the reading was a struggle. I’m about to hit 20 and am averaging a level about every 8 days or so. How realistic would it be to have a chance at passing N2 in December at my current rate?